What happens if you photocopy water

What should I photocopy next?
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  1. Ceapa Cool

    Ceapa CoolMiesiąc temu

    For people who are curious: Nothing interesting actually happens if you photocopy water. It only prints the outline of the puddle.

  2. An Dreo

    An Dreo2 dni temu

    That's cool too though😛

  3. Shawn Pita

    Shawn Pita3 dni temu

    Ceapa Cool then what was the stream of water lol

  4. Viper Assasin

    Viper Assasin4 dni temu

    Why your printer cam out water🇵🇭😂😂

  5. Gacha Dreamer YT

    Gacha Dreamer YT5 dni temu

    I know that would possibly happen only the "borders"

  6. A Human

    A Human6 dni temu

    I knew it. Also you spoilered it. I didn't watch the video yet

  7. Mohit Pareek

    Mohit Pareek8 minut temu


  8. Allan Purl

    Allan Purl9 minut temu

    This popped up in suggested videos. I did not expect that result. Good one.

  9. REEE Khan.jr.

    REEE Khan.jr.2 godzin temu

    *didnt expect that to happen*

  10. Prasad Hejeebu

    Prasad Hejeebu2 godzin temu

    Can you disclose the model number and specifications of the machines please. I want to buy one.🤫😉

  11. onion king

    onion king3 godzin temu

    Nice squirt

  12. Hylian Man

    Hylian Man4 godzin temu

    Top 10 pictures taken before death.

  13. Raimond GALAXY

    Raimond GALAXY9 godzin temu

    What happens if U photocopy a CD ?

  14. confuzzled animations

    confuzzled animations10 godzin temu

    You should photo copy a photo copyer

  15. Kordex Roblox

    Kordex Roblox10 godzin temu

    Me: prints water printer: spits it out

  16. littleGamerkid 039

    littleGamerkid 03911 godzin temu

    0:28 when you haven't used the bathroom in years

  17. Neissンエイッス

    Neissンエイッス11 godzin temu

    If it’s so wet with just some water I can’t imagine what he gets when he photocopy porn magazines >.>

  18. Raaj Patil

    Raaj Patil12 godzin temu


  19. Mayura

    Mayura13 godzin temu

    Wait was that real or...? Cuz I’m so confused even after reading your comment lol 😂

  20. Alfa tutorial

    Alfa tutorial13 godzin temu


  21. ahgastay

    ahgastay14 godzin temu

    wt actual fuck lmao

  22. Azil Anne Segovia

    Azil Anne Segovia17 godzin temu


  23. Spoken Word Poetry

    Spoken Word Poetry18 godzin temu

    Lol 😂 Come To my channel ehhe

  24. kaykay

    kaykay18 godzin temu


  25. Mi Cara

    Mi Cara20 godzin temu

    When you have so much money to waste!

  26. • Blcssomxx_ •

    • Blcssomxx_ •21 godzinę temu


  27. Nathan !?!

    Nathan !?!22 godzin temu

    *He just discovered a way to end dehydration*

  28. Rex Storm

    Rex StormDzień temu

    Photocopier use water gun... [photocopier uses hydro pump]

  29. Jovan Carillo

    Jovan CarilloDzień temu

    I knew Minecraft infinite water source can be done IRL

  30. Riley Clendenning

    Riley ClendenningDzień temu

    I tryed it it just printing blank piece of paper with outlines



    A cereal box?

  32. Yousho Kamaike

    Yousho KamaikeDzień temu


  33. Memes by ADVALs Channel

    Memes by ADVALs ChannelDzień temu

    I think machine is high on orgasm 😂

  34. Lxucid Dreams

    Lxucid DreamsDzień temu

    What happenes if you photocopy air? I don't need sleep I need answers

  35. Daniel Figueroa Flores

    Daniel Figueroa FloresDzień temu


  36. annika s

    annika sDzień temu

    Never would've expected a random video like this to have such an award winning comment section

  37. I’m That Fieryy Guy

    I’m That Fieryy GuyDzień temu

    In America, you see snow. *But in Soviet Russia, snow sees you*

  38. Mobile Games Musics

    Mobile Games MusicsDzień temu

    penis photocopy

  39. X wan

    X wanDzień temu

    Unlimited waterrrr

  40. Dez Travis

    Dez TravisDzień temu


  41. Magnus Guglius Vuglius

    Magnus Guglius VugliusDzień temu

    Water crisis solved

  42. Soumya Chandra

    Soumya ChandraDzień temu

    Imagine if he tried to photocopy shit

  43. Rushini Dilesha

    Rushini DileshaDzień temu

    That was creepy

  44. Itz Lks

    Itz LksDzień temu


  45. vishal raj

    vishal rajDzień temu

    *What happens when you photocopy water* Machine becomes SQUIRTLE.

  46. GachaTuber 125

    GachaTuber 125Dzień temu

    Person: Imma just pour water on this printer cuz nothin will happen..😏 Printer: UNO REVERSE CARD!!!

  47. 22k subscribers challenge

    22k subscribers challengeDzień temu

    0.34 SCAM

  48. Jasonmf123

    Jasonmf123Dzień temu

    *So how you gonna clean it up*

  49. Abandoned Vippaley

    Abandoned VippaleyDzień temu

    Want your own personal water fountain? Photocopy some water and you’re good. Just don’t choke.

  50. Act Complicated

    Act ComplicatedDzień temu

    In Mother Russia, copy machine pours water on you.

  51. Lymphtron

    LymphtronDzień temu

    Now, we can save Africa!!!!!

  52. Lydia Chalvatzhh

    Lydia ChalvatzhhDzień temu


  53. Sooner

    SoonerDzień temu

    r u out of ya mind?

  54. JackJKRoblox

    JackJKRobloxDzień temu

    I bet the photocopy was a uno reverse card xD

  55. janmarie prado

    janmarie pradoDzień temu

    I didn't expect that 😅

  56. Muhammad Alfatih Azka

    Muhammad Alfatih AzkaDzień temu

    spray time! ,😭

  57. Filza K

    Filza KDzień temu

    You are CRAZY 😂😂😂😂

  58. Kenny

    Kenny2 dni temu

    Technology level 1: normal drinking water Technology level 999999999: help Africa buy sending paper with water for only a penny for shipping!

  59. Shay TheDragon

    Shay TheDragon2 dni temu

    Wowwwww. We will always have fresh water now :D

  60. MsOscara

    MsOscara2 dni temu


  61. Amara’s Lifestyle

    Amara’s Lifestyle2 dni temu

    Hahahahaha h

  62. Pinto Bean

    Pinto Bean2 dni temu

    Who's here from a hellopet link?

  63. KJ

    KJ2 dni temu

    Take was fake

  64. WI Patriot

    WI Patriot2 dni temu

    Gee, really...??? /sar

  65. abhishek pandey

    abhishek pandey2 dni temu

    best solution of water crises😅😅

  66. barry lucas

    barry lucas2 dni temu

    OK...that was funny