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Responding To My Coming Out.
I'm Coming Out.

I'm Coming Out.

4 miesięcy temu

We need to talk about...

We need to talk about...

7 miesięcy temu

  1. Zoë Marie

    Zoë Marie5 godzin temu

    Ha imagine doing it with my name I can’t think of any beginning with Z

  2. Nadia Flores

    Nadia Flores5 godzin temu

    OMG I need the name of the lipstick and the glitter please please please its exactly what I have been looking for forever!!! Fantastic look love you both x x

  3. Tamara Tóth

    Tamara Tóth5 godzin temu

    i love you so much bye <3

  4. Brylee Harris

    Brylee Harris5 godzin temu

    “JEFFREE STAR CREMATED PALLETE REVIEW... YIKES” Nikki: * Compliments every aspect of the pallette except the name* Me: Looking for tea? 🥱🥴 EDIT: Why are you hating on the pallete in the title but loving it in the video?

  5. Veronica Mazzolari

    Veronica Mazzolari5 godzin temu

    Please Ariana graphic eyeliner look next please

  6. Nadia Jacobs

    Nadia Jacobs5 godzin temu

    What do you think Nikki would think of this look compared to ones she just did with the Cremated palette?

  7. Emily Kostelecky

    Emily Kostelecky5 godzin temu

    The theme is inanimate but the quality gives me life

  8. Kirsty Birsty

    Kirsty Birsty5 godzin temu

    If he named the pallet before the pandemic it’s fine, if he named it “cremated” to get attention during the pandemic it’s not fine. Simple

  9. Lina B

    Lina B5 godzin temu

    جيش الهبد

  10. Lina B

    Lina B5 godzin temu

    جيش الهبد

  11. rayhanah mullisi

    rayhanah mullisi5 godzin temu

    why does she talk SO slow

  12. Yoon Swag

    Yoon Swag5 godzin temu


  13. Asylum

    Asylum5 godzin temu

    My problem with the palette is that it's not really a friendly palette for darker skin toned people like myself. I'd rather get the Blowin' Smoke palette by Colourpop because it has darker shades. I was honestly disappointed with this palette. Me being a goth as well it doesn't scream goth to me. I was just disappointed.

  14. Sofia Ulloa

    Sofia Ulloa5 godzin temu

    What’s offensive? You don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Don’t look at it. Some of y’all some Karens.

  15. o a

    o a5 godzin temu

    please please please we need an updated skincare routine

  16. • strawberry •

    • strawberry •5 godzin temu

    If you don't like the palette don't buy it.

  17. Sam Eisa

    Sam Eisa5 godzin temu

    awww nikki

  18. Ella Wensink

    Ella Wensink5 godzin temu

    someone neeeds to put this on spotify

  19. Jossette Madison

    Jossette Madison6 godzin temu

    When the liner was a mistake but it actually looks amazing

  20. Eef’s Life

    Eef’s Life6 godzin temu

    2 amazing Dutch girls

  21. Sarah Gardiner

    Sarah Gardiner6 godzin temu

    You are so gorgeous 😍 You gave an objective view of this collection and I love it. Thank you 😊

  22. Ulysses Davis

    Ulysses Davis6 godzin temu

    You slayed it

  23. emma gonzalez

    emma gonzalez6 godzin temu

    i love this video you are the best

  24. Charlie Opal

    Charlie Opal6 godzin temu

    cloud nine!!!!

  25. Lucas Furtado

    Lucas Furtado6 godzin temu

    such a nice studio! LOVE IT! inspiration for a lifetime ❤️ I wish I had a kamer like this hahaha lots of love, nikkie 💕

  26. Sophie Kirby

    Sophie Kirby6 godzin temu

    We do need a pomeranian pallet 😂

  27. Javi Martínez

    Javi Martínez6 godzin temu

    kamer! sounds so similar to "cama" in spanish which means "bed"

  28. Javi Martínez

    Javi Martínez6 godzin temu

    omg the lights look soo good can anyone tell me the brand? i can't catch it

  29. Charlie Opal

    Charlie Opal6 godzin temu

    I LOVE the looks you created with the Grijs tones!

  30. yanira maldonado

    yanira maldonado6 godzin temu

    Jesus so like I legit got chills and why am I crying at a makeup challenge 😭😍

  31. Don’t Drug Kids

    Don’t Drug Kids6 godzin temu

    People calm down, I saw my grandfather go in as human and come out as a skeleton but that doesn’t change my mind about how the name fits perfectly to the pallet.

  32. Jacqueline Steffens

    Jacqueline Steffens6 godzin temu

    Die muziek op de achtergrond ook 😂

  33. Aridahi

    Aridahi6 godzin temu

    Its amazing how snoop dog does whatever he wants and doesn'tcare what ppl say !!!! Love it!

  34. Laurie Kay

    Laurie Kay7 godzin temu

    Love the name, the quality, but it's extremely basic.

  35. Selny 99

    Selny 997 godzin temu

    I would never even be able to imagine you as a man, youre forever the makeup godess in my mind.

  36. Joelle Sylvestre

    Joelle Sylvestre7 godzin temu

    Don’t be shy leak the assholes name 🥰

  37. Emilie H

    Emilie H7 godzin temu

    I soo wanna do this challenge, but I 100% know I don’t have over half of those products 😅 but this video was definitely full of pieken en dalen (ig:creativit.e_)

  38. ohwellmell

    ohwellmell7 godzin temu

    He didn’t foresee the future lol. He shouldnt have to change the name. Death is a part of life anyways so it just happens

  39. Jenn Dear

    Jenn Dear7 godzin temu

    I would maybe agree with people about the name IFFFFF Jeffree didn’t say “deceased” every other sentence. I know he didn’t make it up but I associate that word as slang with Jeffree Star.

  40. The Mother Of 4girls

    The Mother Of 4girls7 godzin temu

    Wow congratulations to him making this product. And I hope it works will to your skin.

  41. Blink967

    Blink9677 godzin temu

    Are u nl? I am

  42. Blink967

    Blink9677 godzin temu

    Are no? I’m nl to :o

  43. Sierra Joyner

    Sierra Joyner7 godzin temu

    Its just like the pat mcgrath lipstick but it has nars on it im confused ??????

  44. Tabitha Eunice Elisabeth Pelupessy

    Tabitha Eunice Elisabeth Pelupessy7 godzin temu

    Sad how makeup has to be political. 😊

  45. Florinda Varona

    Florinda Varona7 godzin temu

    no p.louise base Mrs. Tutorials???

  46. anne mellemstrand

    anne mellemstrand7 godzin temu

    The palett is To grijs for my taste 🙈 I LOVE to play with Colors 💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💖

  47. Melissa Fritts

    Melissa Fritts7 godzin temu

    Does anyone know what the nude lip color is?

  48. Bellalunarsoulz

    Bellalunarsoulz7 godzin temu

    The only think Jeffrey is tone deaf about is not coming forward and being honest about what happened to the CHILDREN that were sexually abused by Dahvie Vanity. This is really disgusting and disturbing that he came forward on twitter and then changed it. He doesn't care about anyone but his pockets.

  49. ExantheKitty

    ExantheKitty7 godzin temu

    Also one of the problems with the palette is the fact that barely anybody can actually use those shades (in terms of how good they look for your skintone) especially darker skintoned people.

  50. Jasminder Kohli

    Jasminder Kohli8 godzin temu

    i would like to say this: the pandemic was a thing in january. i personally don't care about the palette or whatever, but just wanted to point that out.

  51. Margaret Bercián

    Margaret Bercián8 godzin temu

    Can anyone tell me what brush she used to cut the crease 🙏🏼 please

  52. ExantheKitty

    ExantheKitty8 godzin temu

    I just refuse to support someone like jeffree I really don't care "how good the products are" I'll never use them purely on that because assholes like that shouldn't be in such a spotlight and keep getting slack for everything, and don't even get me started on his toxic ass fanbase.

  53. Cindy Landaeta

    Cindy Landaeta8 godzin temu


  54. iandr

    iandr8 godzin temu

    I watch this so often and I always get tears in my eyes from her beautiful voice omg

  55. Abbie Rae

    Abbie Rae8 godzin temu

    *K I thought the title said Herpes I-*

  56. Dakota Short

    Dakota Short8 godzin temu

    I’m so dead right now 😂😂 when you put the lid color on 🤣

  57. Doki Doki

    Doki Doki8 godzin temu

    Maybe cremation is a new part of white people’s life or simply western life in general but in my religion it has always been this way. Death is a part of life and no amount of trigger warning is going to fend it off for long.

  58. Doki Doki

    Doki Doki8 godzin temu

    Maybe cremation is a new part of white people’s life or simply western life in general but in my religion it has always been this way. Death is a part of life and no amount of trigger warning is going to fend it off for long.

  59. Madison Russo

    Madison Russo8 godzin temu

    Nikki can you do a tutorial on the dark Smokey eye? I’ve got my wedding coming up and I’m wearing a black dress. I’d LOVE that Smokey eye on my face😍😝🔥

  60. ash p

    ash p8 godzin temu

    Does anyone know how old he is

  61. Vanessa A

    Vanessa A8 godzin temu

    This is reminding me of my brother passing away 💀 MA’AM

  62. MissRantasaurus

    MissRantasaurus9 godzin temu

    I just don't understand why Jefree didn't wait longer. He put it off once, he could have put it off for longer. It really does seem tone deaf to do it smack bang in the middle rather than in a few months.

  63. afutla qian

    afutla qian9 godzin temu

    Welcome to today’s world... Where people get offended about the name of a makeup pallet. I can’t wait to see what it will be like in 20 years from now. 🙄

  64. From Cray To Slay

    From Cray To Slay9 godzin temu

    Nikkie, I’ve been binging your videos for the last day or so and I can’t tell you how comforting they have been for me. You’re like a comforting BFF I can watch any time any day while I’m sick 🥺

  65. Sarah Lithium

    Sarah Lithium10 godzin temu

    Mine was Michelle Phan ❤️ her Barbie Tutorial

  66. The Official Andy Saenz

    The Official Andy Saenz10 godzin temu

    Jeffree LOVES putting a lot of pigment in his palettes!

  67. Sherelle Marshall

    Sherelle Marshall10 godzin temu

    i'm not the one for grijs shadows but its not that big of a deal when he brought it out we have to deal with coronavirus anyways

  68. kriti y

    kriti y10 godzin temu

    i love you nikkie omg your soooo strong you go girlllllllllllllllll

  69. Hannah Broadbent

    Hannah Broadbent10 godzin temu

    130k people can't except the fact that she's trans 😠😡😤🤬 drop you @ let's go

  70. Nheil Ramirez

    Nheil Ramirez10 godzin temu


  71. Apryl H

    Apryl H11 godzin temu

    I already wanted this palette, but you are making me want it three times as much!! I missed the launch by a couple hours and it’s all sold out sadly. It looks so amazing Nikkie.

  72. Dante Ferrise

    Dante Ferrise11 godzin temu

    Aww this is so cute! Mykie is great! And it is great seeing Nikki having fun and being silly

  73. No Contact

    No Contact11 godzin temu

    If you find an eyeshadow pallet offensive you need to re-evaluate your life.

  74. She Says

    She Says11 godzin temu

    "6 feet under. More like 6 feet away from me!" 😂😂😂😂