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James Charles

HI SISTERS! I'm James Charles, a 20 year old kid with a few blending brushes. Subscribe to my channel and join the sisterhood for all things makeup, entertainment, music, and more!
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What REALLY Happened In 2019...
Sisters Christmas Party 2019
Trying Celebrity Makeup Hacks!
Puppy Picks My Makeup!

Puppy Picks My Makeup!

3 miesięcy temu

Doing Kesha's Makeup!

Doing Kesha's Makeup!

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Rapping My Makeup Routine
Adopting A Puppy!! 🐶

Adopting A Puppy!! 🐶

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I Bleached My Hair...

I Bleached My Hair...

7 miesięcy temu

Beauty Guru Plays Minecraft
Hi Sisters

Hi Sisters

9 miesięcy temu

No More Lies

No More Lies

10 miesięcy temu

I Got Invited To The Met Gala
FaceTune Battle ft. Nikita Dragun
My Morning Routine
My House Tour!
  1. amabelle clare

    amabelle clareDzień temu

    lol my mom would kill me if i “resigned” from school and became a tiktok star 😂

  2. Lancia Campo

    Lancia CampoDzień temu

    Sister james can u do makeup to avani too?❤

  3. ButterMy Biscuits

    ButterMy BiscuitsDzień temu

    Addison: wow, I feel like a golden goddess Me: b-but you are

  4. marijunaprince

    marijunaprinceDzień temu

    U mean Doing another tik tokers makeup because it's the only way I can get views

  5. Greysen White

    Greysen WhiteDzień temu

    1:19 Addison is me when I pluck my eyebrow hairs

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    cadenDzień temu

    Pinkitie drinkitie 🍹

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    Drama channels gonna be like JAMES CHARLES MAKES ADDISON RE CRY??? 😱 *receipts*

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    Mariajose FernandezDzień temu

    Her laugh 🥺🥺 so cute

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    Lily McCloskeyDzień temu

    james if u do not do a video with abby roberts i’m going to jump out of a window

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    Brook ConnonDzień temu

    hi i am waiting for a friend to come out and i am getting impatient what do i do an tips

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    addison is so funny

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    Zane was choking James lol!!!!

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    Experts TinkidDzień temu

    james is just so happy when the video is done he puts her in the corner

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    i liked fast talking james way better than slow talking james haha

  15. Toy hatty27 toy hatty

    Toy hatty27 toy hattyDzień temu

    I'm a boy Doesn't matter

  16. Flute songs 101

    Flute songs 101Dzień temu

    6'FT APART!

  17. Leniyah Mccombs

    Leniyah MccombsDzień temu

    Omg i love your videos so much and i love u so much im like your biggest fan. KEEP DOING YOU😁😁😁

  18. Hey Its Gaby

    Hey Its GabyDzień temu

    Hi James ,don’t forget that you still are amazing and you will always be unique no matter what. Love something wired

  19. Karen and Hannah

    Karen and HannahDzień temu

    I love how it’s number 1 on trending ❤️

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    Vivian CaseyDzień temu

    Sister u slay u don’t need those people in your life ur perfect so u go and get a manz and u don’t need to be like someone who did there makeup because someone wanted u to do it that way yes I might not be a big fan but I do know u are amazing and don’t need them so u go girl

  21. Amanda Krump

    Amanda KrumpDzień temu


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    Marina BurgessDzień temu

    I love Addison so much. Her makeup turned out flawless

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    heyitsleighhhDzień temu

    She could literally steal my boyfriend and I’d get mad at her for not choosing me. She’s so stunning!!! 🥵😍

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    I love this

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    {Just another short Asian girl}Dzień temu

    Wait, so your gonna tell me that all this time Rosa is a boy Sis, I’m lit rally shook rn 😳😳

  27. Jayla Quindi

    Jayla QuindiDzień temu

    On 0:11 it look like Addison was saying in her head don’t touch me

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  29. M A R T I N A F E L I Ú

    M A R T I N A F E L I ÚDzień temu

    James deberías hacerle un maquillaje a Avani 🥰❤🙃

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    joyce rayaDzień temu

    Totally glowing

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    Baby God jihyoDzień temu

    I just realized you posted this on my birthday which is today

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    Niya 33Dzień temu

    I don’t know why they want to do your makeup you are Beautiful the way you are

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    I don’t get why ppl hate on her she seems like such a sweet girl...

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    Do avani next!! (Sorry if I didn’t spell her name right)

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    Awe I miss the group of Emma, James, and the Dolan twins lol they were fun to watch and the Christmas they hung out was so magical because they bought each out her all their dream gifts and they also put so much effort lol. But reply if u miss that group also? Hi James lol you r so talented with all your makeupy things haha sorry I saw this late so I didn’t get to watch it early but love the look u did

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    Katie MaronDzień temu

    Why the hell is James Charles doing multiple collabs during a pandemic??? If I have to practice social distancing so do you!!

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    AYYYE i didn't know she was from my home town!

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    I feel like the hype house is just using James for clout 😕 and I think Addison felt bad when James said that he is so happy he found new friends 🧐

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    JESUS she is so HOT and i'm not lesbian sooooooo............. SOMEONE PLZ EXPLAIN

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    Hope WalkerDzień temu

    You've done a lot of irresponsible nonsense but this has to be near the top of the pile. Try following the social distancing in your state. Consider , for once, following the rules. Model behavior for the kids that follow you that won't get the killed. Thanks.

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    I love how even though he uses makeup, he does love himself and mainly uses it to express himself, he even does it when people say it’s bad. I love James Charles and how he is so deeply an inspiration to me. It’s amazing to see that he loves his fans to the point where he will cry, talk to, and even stand up to us without hesitation because he knows that if we truly loved him, we would listen to, respond to, not judge him while he is at a vulnerable state.

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