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  1. Samuel Beaumont Stidwill

    Samuel Beaumont Stidwill5 sekund temu

    Molly stfu

  2. Chase Rogers

    Chase Rogers22 sekund temu

    I don’t have the ring yet so......

  3. Carlton Vincent

    Carlton Vincent42 sekund temu

    I like Joel embiid better when he was crying last year.

  4. Y2Jericho

    Y2Jericho51 sekundę temu

    Toronto literally won a championship LAST SEASON. Most of these players were involved in said run including Siakim who put over historic numbers as a duo with Kawhii. Yet you trust Crying Embiid and 1 point in the playoffs Simmons over them? I’m a Celtics fan but that’s just ignorant.

  5. Jerome Marshall

    Jerome Marshall53 sekund temu

    Most stars coming back to former teams is because of how they acted when they left

  6. Theo

    Theo53 sekund temu

    Giannis is obviously a harder worker n is dating what seems to be a quiet girl while Ben chases the Kardashians and IG thots. Regardless Ben can't be as dominant with his t-rex wing span. His arms are too short. Giannis has some longass arms.

  7. Lashondra Dean

    Lashondra Dean55 sekund temu

    He was never a “modern big” he still shoots well from three he just ain’t making them or not taking them but last year showed you his arsenal

  8. Stiffarm Stallone

    Stiffarm Stallone58 sekund temu

    Its because Canadians are more polite and classy than Americans. Facts. Americans for the most part are assholes.

  9. Patro Joe

    Patro JoeMinuta temu

    What do you mean they can't win without Mahomes? Moore was playing fine and the D stepped up.

  10. Steveyoungporvida

    SteveyoungporvidaMinuta temu

    Molly.... shut up... I hate you even more than Max.

  11. Saiyan Prince

    Saiyan PrinceMinuta temu

    Spicy P is a dope nickname

  12. Johnnyy Bravoo

    Johnnyy BravooMinuta temu

    Kawhi is a legend after all!

  13. jude Aniagu

    jude AniaguMinuta temu

    It's because he is Ben Simmons. Don't be ridiculous Jay

  14. Jon Tha Don

    Jon Tha DonMinuta temu

    *YEAAABUTHEDIPS!!!!* Goodness gracious Molly, thank you for raping my eardrums!

  15. Manuel Diaz Moreta

    Manuel Diaz MoretaMinuta temu

    Can someone tell molly to shut up and let the professionals speak ? 🙃

  16. Dimitri O G

    Dimitri O GMinuta temu

    Brady reminds me of Dilfer in his last year. Stick a fork 🍴 in Brady

  17. Brandon Fisher

    Brandon FisherMinuta temu

    Sorry but TB receivers are so bad this year (still more talented then me lol) except for Edelman and white (and the latter is a RB). Brady can’t really make them better that’s how bad they are. They make “average” (I thought they were ballers) receivers Brady used to throw to like branch, amendola, and hogan look like all-pro future Hall of famers

  18. Hottest Rap Snippets / Songs

    Hottest Rap Snippets / SongsMinuta temu

    Giannas got shooters around him

  19. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama2 minut temu

    6:12 “NOBODY TALKED ABOUT YET” = “IM MAKING THIS UP” Bruh the other day I defended this dude when EVERYONE was saying he’s trying to be Stephen A..

  20. Carlos Estrada

    Carlos Estrada2 minut temu

    Crawford vs Charlo

  21. Melvin SMITH

    Melvin SMITH2 minut temu

    A typical dumb Knicks move Jayson Kidd are U crazy hire Mark Jackson already at the least bring back Jeff Van Gundy who ain't chickening out in a brawl against another team or Stu Jackson who brought the last success to this laughing stock of the NBA and dammit play the Youngsters including Bradekis from the G league and before U F up and lose Iso Zo give him some minutes please

  22. Don Afonso

    Don Afonso2 minut temu

    Iggy will go to the clippers and win 3 more rings. Then he will have the final laugh against Gold State Warriors.

  23. blackdaylight

    blackdaylight2 minut temu

    The rockets barely beat the cavilers... Just admit Houston already hit their ceiling

  24. Tony Khan

    Tony Khan2 minut temu

    Lebron looks tired leave him alone so he can sleep and recover !! Looks irritated with these guys asking questions I know I would be if I wanted to be left alone so I can rest!!

  25. Ted Grover

    Ted Grover2 minut temu

    Ben need to Get away form Joel .. it’s never gonna work. How he goin play like giannis wit Joel sittin in the middle

  26. Pouch King

    Pouch King2 minut temu

    Tom Gores has ruined this once great franchise. A distant party boy owner who doesn’t care about winning, only about his pockets

  27. D S

    D S2 minut temu

    Kawhi got us Chip and went home. Nothing wrong with that. Just wish he stayed a bit longer to help Annunoby with his handles.

  28. Expendable4 H00

    Expendable4 H002 minut temu

    Max, anyone who uses the race card is using it for personal gain.

  29. B C140

    B C1402 minut temu

    Max please shut up. Everyone knows his legs are more important. And the eye test tells you his arm isn’t elite

  30. Tyrel Meredith

    Tyrel Meredith2 minut temu

    Love the "Spicy P" nickname.


    THOMAS SAVAGE3 minut temu

    Spicyp is not wack at all its cool

  32. Da Sh

    Da Sh3 minut temu

    The dude did not ask to go to Toronto. And he gave Canada its first NBA championship. Did anyone actually think that a lot of people would boo? Smh.

  33. ImGood Great

    ImGood Great3 minut temu

    What makes this even better, every player knows he's the reason for the championship and has no hard feelings about anything. Everyone is just all around greatful. Makes you really respect them all.

  34. Kyle Sanders

    Kyle Sanders3 minut temu

    Neither is more important than the other. What’s important is what John Harbaugh’s gameplan will be come playoff time. Lamar does both well, it’s how Harbaugh uses it

  35. Pascal I.I

    Pascal I.I3 minut temu


  36. jeremiah nosneb

    jeremiah nosneb3 minut temu

    Pacquiao ran from you ? Funny dude xD Thats the coolest thing ever..

  37. JayNo

    JayNo3 minut temu


  38. Lucas Sanchez

    Lucas Sanchez3 minut temu

    So...its jay williams going to go to every espn show to point out his "trust issues" theory or what🤣🤣!?

  39. jude Aniagu

    jude Aniagu3 minut temu

    Should there even be segment like this on ESPN. This particular segment shows that there was no real topic so... why don't we talk about confabulations. Disgusted at the visible attempt to sow hatred between harden and westbrook. We all know harden has a selfish style of play, so his hesitation to pass the ball has nothing to do with distrust.

  40. Ty Tywestside

    Ty Tywestside3 minut temu

    Because he’s Ben Simmons🤔

  41. Carlton Vincent

    Carlton Vincent3 minut temu

    The problem with the New York Knicks is that James Dolan, the owner,is not even a New York Knicks fan!

  42. Saiyan Prince

    Saiyan Prince4 minut temu

    Tobias Harris or Gallanari?

  43. Salia Berthe

    Salia Berthe4 minut temu

    I really hope that Warren Sharp from Sharp Analysts give Max a sponsorship.

  44. Jake Cremins

    Jake Cremins4 minut temu

    I'm a Sixers fan and I know he doesn't have the talent but I believe he should play a similar game style to Giannis

  45. River

    River4 minut temu

    Ben’s got all the talent and potential in the world, but I don’t see the Dog in him. Giannis is an all time type of dog. Who else wins MVP and says i’ve only reached 60% of my potential and then comes out the next season and sets the bar even higher?

  46. Amp Jordan

    Amp Jordan4 minut temu

    Boston we need those pieces they have to offer

  47. karma

    karma4 minut temu

    there canadians did u really think they would boo lol

  48. Jerry Jazzbo

    Jerry Jazzbo4 minut temu

    He's cryin' out because he hasn't gotten a money fight, and time's running out.

  49. Compton 187

    Compton 1874 minut temu

    Lamar hasn’t even thrown for 3,000yds yet

  50. Emmanuel Moses

    Emmanuel Moses4 minut temu

    Because he doesn't have the wingspan and the strength that Giannis has...Just because you're 6'10 and can dribble doesn't mean you can be Giannis...Ben Simmons is more Magic Johnson than he is LeBron/Giannis lol

  51. Zack S

    Zack S4 minut temu

    We clicked on a non-conversation, well done ESPN.

  52. Mo 7792ABD

    Mo 7792ABD4 minut temu

    C'mon mom when did you play in the NBA LOL

  53. Bill Hill

    Bill Hill4 minut temu

    Oh yes, it was the Bengals that the Patriots decided to spy on. It was them. The undefeated, unmatched.... Oh wait... Gtfoh. 🙄

  54. Cassidy Blackburn

    Cassidy Blackburn5 minut temu

    ok that was one good homerun hitter if u ask me.

  55. adams hantalah

    adams hantalah5 minut temu

    Absolutely no body : Molly: yh on PLgos

  56. Assane Keita

    Assane Keita5 minut temu

    Wes Walker was great with the Broncos what you talking about?

  57. Jason

    Jason5 minut temu

    I'm taking several teams over the Raptors in the east.

  58. Drew Scandalios

    Drew Scandalios5 minut temu

    Molly referring raptors fans cheering to kd injury : Americans are awful! Toronto Raptors: In Canada

  59. Ricardo Urena

    Ricardo Urena5 minut temu

    Listen heat Big 3 vs Celtics Big 3 in their prime would be must see tv still think heat would beat them

  60. MrMewler1

    MrMewler15 minut temu

    Why is molly yelling?!

  61. Eazy Breezy

    Eazy Breezy5 minut temu

    The footprints was insaneeeeeeee !!!!!

  62. Guy  Prieto

    Guy Prieto5 minut temu

    Wow they really disrespecting Boston right now


    BABY GIRL5 minut temu


  64. John Holman

    John Holman5 minut temu



    GET MONEY BROOKLYN DON5 minut temu

    Ward don't get it Terence Crawford will not try in smoke Errol Spence out Terence won't try in Punk Errol Spence not at all both Errol Spence and Terrence Crawford are dogs remember the time when Jose Benavidez told Terrence Crawford I knocked you out at some fight in Bud told him last go to the parking lot in get it on. Errol Spence told Bud the same thing to his face in Terence Crawford didn't tell Errol Spence let's go to the parking lot

  66. ShadowBlade

    ShadowBlade5 minut temu

    Better cheer lol no one should get boo there first time back when they got you a RING AND CHAMPIONSHIP

  67. Steve Sibaja

    Steve Sibaja5 minut temu

    Get Well soon Steph

  68. SonicKoolaid

    SonicKoolaid5 minut temu

    Most disrespected champions in history all because were a little father north..

  69. handwarmers

    handwarmers5 minut temu

    God I wish Skip never left

  70. Markel Thomas

    Markel Thomas6 minut temu

    Harden putting 40 on every team in one season? No mention oh ok

  71. Tray Dezzy

    Tray Dezzy6 minut temu

    He should play for dallas

  72. Isaac Ruiz

    Isaac Ruiz6 minut temu

    I believe Lamar is better than mahomes

  73. Sophia Avila

    Sophia Avila6 minut temu

    “No one will ever respect Kawhi like Toronto” Definitely true. But when he hugged Lowry and they’re both smiling OMYGOD my heart just like melted. That was beautiful.

  74. BlackLight886

    BlackLight8866 minut temu

    This story is the most Canadian thing ever...

  75. Jack K

    Jack K7 minut temu


  76. Thomas James

    Thomas James7 minut temu

    That's my perogative

  77. Mr. Boombastic

    Mr. Boombastic7 minut temu

    Jay Will starting to get himself down to that Ryan Hollins level.

  78. Junaid Desai

    Junaid Desai7 minut temu

    Personally would have liked to see him run it back. But of course it's right because it's his choice.

  79. Gary Iannotti

    Gary Iannotti7 minut temu

    Your not annoying. Kellerman the Douche Bag is

  80. Daniel Joseph

    Daniel Joseph7 minut temu

    Dominique "I don't know how to have fun" Foxworth is on the show again

  81. John Kev

    John Kev7 minut temu

    Ben Simmons is NOT Giannis. Similar body type, complete opposite mindsets. Ben is Hollywood. He cares what people thinks about him, he dates these celebrities etc. Giannis isn't that dude. All he cares about is basketball and how he can get better... Ben has more natural basketball talent. By that he mean he's smooth with it. Can handle like a guard etc., but hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

  82. TvLandZombie

    TvLandZombie7 minut temu

    "Spicy P” sounds like slang for a STD

  83. Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi

    Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi7 minut temu

    Bruh the dunk video they had 108. This mans scored 100 and the rest of his team scored 8

  84. Charles L Jones

    Charles L Jones8 minut temu

    So they have the greatest quarterback of all time and they still cheat. Kind of reminds me of the 49 ers when they had Joe Montana they were known for cheating with the crackback blocks that were never called .

  85. Tyler Williams

    Tyler Williams8 minut temu

    Max has a tendency to engage and recency bias. I'm not saying that Lamar Jackson isn't great. As a matter of fact, he is phenomenal. He's potentially the next Michael Vick. However, before you compare him to the greatest of all times like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Andrew Luck, give Lamar Jackson the same time as those guys instead of looking at just the moments. It's the same thing when Max said that he talked about Kawhi Leonard being better under pressure than Kobe Bryant. Bro, compared to Kobe Bryant, Kawhi Leonard is a baby. In other words, he just got here. Again I'm not denying Leonard's talent, but I'm just saying give him time.

  86. Neil Penafiel

    Neil Penafiel8 minut temu

    No ones talking about Luka

  87. Chris Lyon

    Chris Lyon8 minut temu

    Sixers have too many egos which takes away from Simmons game. Has nothing to do with his talent.

  88. nrswy18

    nrswy188 minut temu

    Why can't people respect the fact that the Sixers are winning as a team not just individually. People forget that basketball is a "team" sport. Sixers have more players that can score the ball than they had last year so embiid isn't going to put up those monster numbers like he used to. 18-7 undefeated at home and people are still upset😂😂

  89. ThisLife

    ThisLife8 minut temu

    Bruh you got all that from harden taking 1 dribble before passing

  90. ReallyNotMateo

    ReallyNotMateo8 minut temu

    it was the right decision, Giannis is the wall that every team in the East will hit for the next decade

  91. Rick Cartagena

    Rick Cartagena8 minut temu

    Teddy in early stages of dementia? He ain’t all there. Tired?

  92. Rem Dreamlight

    Rem Dreamlight8 minut temu

    You're wrong max lol

  93. Sirr Jazz

    Sirr Jazz9 minut temu

    Why would Troy or ANYONE want to be GM of a club that knows the Owner will UNDO everything you break your to do??? It's a waste of time & energy that's not WORTH the money!!!

  94. Tazer183

    Tazer1839 minut temu

    If Edelman didn't drop that pass for a big game just before half vs the Giants/if Brady didn't decide to QB sneak for 2 TDs, ruining his passing numbers during the game. If Watson didn't drop that pass down the seam vs the Ravens for 25 yds If Edelman didn't drop a TD pass vs the Eagles If Sanu didn't drop the ball on 4th and 1 vs the Texans If Harry's TD counted / If Meyers didn't drop a TD the very next play Brady's numbers would look better and they might have a better record today. Oh I could go on. The receivers are just as big a problem! Bill got rid of Brady's ballers!

  95. Dayquan Watson

    Dayquan Watson9 minut temu

    If Lamar lead the league in passin tds bc of his run ability Tebow would’ve done the same , Stephen a stop saying he can’t pass the ball

  96. vinifari 2300

    vinifari 23009 minut temu

    😂😂😂😂 they say "cheaters never win!" Tell that to the Patriots lol

  97. Let There Be Truth

    Let There Be Truth9 minut temu

    Once he said "it's too cold, i Ain't seen seen so much ice" i knew he was gone after that season 🤣🤣🤣

  98. Frankwhite _103

    Frankwhite _1039 minut temu

    Bud is accomplished but he doesn't have good wins. MAYBE Gamboa, but Burns, Horn, Indongu are all bums

  99. Hope Edwards

    Hope Edwards9 minut temu

    With all respect, Stephen A. let people talk!🙄

  100. Anthony Romeo

    Anthony Romeo9 minut temu

    All you Toronto fans... go to L.A and kick it for a week... then come back to Canada after that and ask yourself “which city would I rather live in??” I gurantee 99% of you will choose L.A