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  1. fredie464646

    fredie4646462 minut temu

    bills bulldoze

  2. Dan

    Dan4 minut temu

    Lady Gaga really is amazing which is why she didn't get any dislikes.

  3. Fred Zag

    Fred Zag4 minut temu

    Looking for a Kansas easy win against Pat's lower draft choices picks.

  4. Fred Zag

    Fred Zag10 minut temu

    Didn't know Atlanta had such great receivers. After all those insides kick recovery by Atlanta l got a feeling the league office will notify atlanta to only one onside kick per game.

  5. CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKate

    CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKate11 minut temu

    Happy Week 14 #NFLFantasyFootball #DENvsHOU OPERATION Houston Win Battle Red Day. i have DHop, DW4, Kenny Stills, DFells and Zach. Como Estas, Lady Kathleen "hey, dearie. Kate here wearing my nun's habit. i'm going with Ka'imi, Scarlett, Duke, Carlos Hyde and WFV. thx Corporal for sharing my take" #PraiseSisterKate #NFLFantasyFootballPartner #SaintsLady Credit #NFLonCBS #100NFL #HoustonStrong

  6. Cabbage man

    Cabbage man12 minut temu

    Henry is just ridiculous late in the year.

  7. fredie464646

    fredie46464615 minut temu

    special teams, then you have really special teams

  8. John Sergey

    John Sergey17 minut temu

    Down with the sea chickens ! GO RAMS !!!

  9. sal125fx

    sal125fx18 minut temu

    I believe in you Cards! Beat em so Baltimore can claim the North already! 😈

  10. Bellamy Blake

    Bellamy Blake19 minut temu

    Who’s the girl that’s sitting to the left of Joe? She’s beautiful

  11. Jonathan C

    Jonathan C22 minut temu

    Sorry but these refs handed the bengals the game... literally every call except one went the bengals way

  12. the WhitePanther

    the WhitePanther25 minut temu

    This chick is retarded i swear. I wonder if she even watches any of the games.

  13. Leroy Worsley

    Leroy Worsley38 minut temu

    My Baltimore RAVENS Beat The 49ers!

  14. Tim Riggins

    Tim Riggins44 minut temu

    That one handed catch by Heyward on the sideline though

  15. Randy Cantu

    Randy Cantu46 minut temu

    Cowboys fans rejoice

  16. cliff dixon

    cliff dixon46 minut temu

    Since every era had different rules and officiating we can only say what quarterback was the best of each era ..for example Montana and everyone prior played when it was ok to hit the quarterback vs the Brady era when new rules have been implemented which help quarterback stats and offense. For example the hit Montana took in 91 playoffs vs Giants resulted in a turnover and score. Had that exact same play happened in the Brady era it would have been a ruffing the passer and a first down for the offense .

  17. Selina Liew

    Selina Liew55 minut temu

    Doctor: you have 13.11 mins left to live Me: proceeds to watch this

  18. xoites877

    xoites877Godzinę temu

    I can't believe that these commentators have no clue who the Ravens are yet. They will figure it out. :)

  19. MiZo MoNtanA

    MiZo MoNtanAGodzinę temu

    Kap almost brought dem back to win the superbowl and now he cant get a job

  20. John M. Chew

    John M. ChewGodzinę temu

    Redskins 27- Packers 24

  21. S and M

    S and MGodzinę temu

    Imagine Texans beat patriots in playoffs and some how beat the ravens

  22. Ralowski

    RalowskiGodzinę temu

    Y'all saw what happened in Carolina! Come on Now! Falcons vs Christian McCaffery aint gonna work

  23. Ralowski

    RalowskiGodzinę temu

    Derrick Henry, AJ Brown. No Refrow, Tyrel Williams aint on Nothing. 45 - 10 Titans

  24. hanwaisproperty

    hanwaispropertyGodzinę temu

    Poor Flacco, young guns took away his job for two years in a row now lol

  25. Ryan Shumaker

    Ryan ShumakerGodzinę temu

    The way he cries is so american

  26. Ralowski

    RalowskiGodzinę temu

    No need for Juju, James Washington running Pitt

  27. CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKate

    CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKateGodzinę temu

    Here's to our Week 13 #NFLFantasyFootball Best Plays. Como Estas, Lady Kathleen, My #NFLFantasyFootballPartner "hey, Corporal. Kate here wearing my nun's habit. Weeks Geaux TOO FAST, sweetie. #NOvsATL TOUCHDOWN Swiss Army Knife #GeauxSaints i have a hunch that Mark Ingram Jr. wants a #BALvsNO Super Bowl matchup. hey, BRING It, MIJ. thx dearie for sharing my take" #PraiseSisterKate #SaintsLady #NEvsHOU DHop TRICK PLAY TOUCHDOWN to DW4 #CLEvsPIT TOUCHDAHN JW from Duck. HELL YEAH #SteelerNation #PS4L Props to My #PittGuy #PittLegend Tyler Boyd #ClairtonPA #H2P #NYJvsCIN "The Cincy Jungle" Credit #TNFonNBC #SNFonNBC #NFLonCBS #100NFL #WhoDat #HoustonStrong #HereWeGo

  28. G. Coleman

    G. ColemanGodzinę temu

    Bills?? Really boys?! I’ll see you guys later around 3pm with another dub for Lamar Jackson

  29. David Isaacson

    David IsaacsonGodzinę temu

    If it's not a chargers fumble at the one yard line it's a slew of Bucs turnovers in the red zone. And if it's not a Chiefs botched FG attempt it's the Colts missing three FGs. The Titans could have lost all these games very easily. There is nothing spectacular about the Titans offense except they're consistent at keeping games close, that's it. But I think you got to give the credit to the defense there. Their strength is defense and special teams. They are causing opponents to lose games. The weakness with the Titans is their offense. They can't build leads or sustain consecutive drives. I have no confidence in Vrabel or Smith. Vrabel is a defensive minded coach and knows very little about sets and formations let alone the play calling. Since Vrabel scapegoated Mariota and did not correct the problem he himself needs to go.

  30. cinko mac

    cinko macGodzinę temu

    Romo trolled the Raiders so hard “ They’re back in it Jim “ 🤣

  31. Derek Staib

    Derek StaibGodzinę temu

    Stfu with the race talk. No white person can complain about unfair representation ever.

  32. Greg El-Bitar

    Greg El-BitarGodzinę temu

    his hand and forearm stay completely under the ball, slow down the last replay, this is actually a completely clean catch!

  33. D L

    D LGodzinę temu

    Niners win the super bowl against ravens 34-27 Don’t @ Me....

  34. Menum Lor

    Menum LorGodzinę temu

    4:05 that was genius. I love that deception play. 3 eagle defenders let a kicker playing offense linemen slip by and score.

  35. Aaron Larsen

    Aaron LarsenGodzinę temu

    Odell Beckham SUCKS

  36. Darrell Boaz

    Darrell BoazGodzinę temu

    Now that boy got a rocket launche!

  37. JAJ Hodge

    JAJ HodgeGodzinę temu

    Vikings never packers all day

  38. Jeremy Gush

    Jeremy GushGodzinę temu

    It's a pity I cant like this clip each time I watch it

  39. Brownstone

    BrownstoneGodzinę temu

    49ers win

  40. Zack Ellingsen

    Zack EllingsenGodzinę temu

    Eli manning don't got the best season

  41. MrCliqueRida TFS

    MrCliqueRida TFS2 godzin temu

    #36 made Jackson fumble & Odell fumble in week 5!!!! he off the bench.9er 4 life

  42. dave robins

    dave robins2 godzin temu

    We love you bears from london uk

  43. Arsenio Buck

    Arsenio Buck2 godzin temu

    35-7 Ravens. Bills best win was Cowboys, same as Pats. Lmao.

  44. Jason Widdifield

    Jason Widdifield2 godzin temu

    Nice helmet 5 To helmet at the end 😂

  45. The hour glass has few grains of sand

    The hour glass has few grains of sand2 godzin temu

    That pass from Elway was put on A 50p peace. Incredible.

  46. Mathew Cottrell

    Mathew Cottrell2 godzin temu

    The Panthers were scared. How many times kuechly gonna say "we're good". MAde it seem they weren't good at all lol

  47. WolfieXN1nj4 Gutierrez

    WolfieXN1nj4 Gutierrez2 godzin temu

    Plllzzzzz Ravens Vs Seattle Seahawks again XD go Ravens

  48. Derek Shidler

    Derek Shidler2 godzin temu

    As a pats fan.. I’ve never rooted for the bills until today

  49. Ser Chaos

    Ser Chaos2 godzin temu

    We got this!

  50. Romi Arkan

    Romi Arkan2 godzin temu

    Raiders vs Buccaneers, aka the Pirate Bowl

  51. lewis nonya

    lewis nonya2 godzin temu

    Low scoring game 12-3 Pats

  52. Justin Credible

    Justin Credible2 godzin temu

    Chiefs vs Rams would've been better 😔😡😒

  53. Marquies Osborne

    Marquies Osborne2 godzin temu

    Derrick Henry is the best running back In The NFL💯💯💯...

  54. Issac Nelson

    Issac Nelson2 godzin temu

    Last year in December with a 4-12 record the 49ers beat Seattle.

  55. Jerry Dalrymple

    Jerry Dalrymple2 godzin temu

    Seahawks will win 27 to 25.

  56. Naomi Payne

    Naomi Payne2 godzin temu

    I don't care who Michael Vicks is...may you forever rot in hell..why would I respect someone so cruel to animals. Now everyone can blast me. I still don't care😈😈😈😈

  57. Mike Keen

    Mike Keen2 godzin temu

    Rams should win easily. Always play well against Seahawks..rams have won 7 of last 10 including a 40-0 2 years ago.

  58. John Cango

    John Cango2 godzin temu

    Man Cordarrelle Patterson is special with the ball in his hands. Bears should give him at least 3-4 screen plays a game.

  59. HoobaDooba135

    HoobaDooba1352 godzin temu

    Do people not realize the reason why the Texans played so sloppy in the end. It's called garbage time. They let the Patriots do there thing so the Texans could get the ball back and win. That was the plan and it payed off. Should they have done that, no but GO TEXANS!!!!!

  60. Godfrey of Bouillion

    Godfrey of Bouillion3 godzin temu

    Saints fan here, mad respect for the 49ers. I knew y'all were good while a lot of analysts were still sleeping on you. Looking forward to the game. WHO DAT!!!

  61. Phillip

    Phillip3 godzin temu

    How i feel about Daniel Jones no matter how bad he is doing

  62. Redmorgan75

    Redmorgan753 godzin temu

    Miami got torched by two browns back to back.

  63. Conor D

    Conor D3 godzin temu

    +6.5 buf looks like a safe move

  64. Stefon Diggs

    Stefon Diggs3 godzin temu

    Hearing these two makes me feel like I'm playing Madden 16

  65. Pherdzo9o

    Pherdzo9o3 godzin temu

    49ners looser👉💚🦅🤣🤣

  66. Anjana Devi Kumar MHT

    Anjana Devi Kumar MHT3 godzin temu

    Jimmy G is now the QB, let’s see if he can take Niners to SP!

  67. Conor D

    Conor D3 godzin temu

    26-26. Lions finish with 2 ties.

  68. James Peterson

    James Peterson3 godzin temu

    Two weeks later caused so much damage to my soul. I am still not able to even think about watching that part of the the game. That was a great game. At that time i wasnsure we were.headed to that dynasty level. That one pass caused sooo much strife in just the team. BEVELL was awful but he lost the whole defense as far as.looking at him like an actual coach. I never have and never will. That D slowly but surely has left. All but bobby and KJ. They are right in the end of their prime and still love the game

  69. Zachary Wolaver

    Zachary Wolaver3 godzin temu

    We gotta get Adam back man we would be much more dangerous let’s just win these last game and get into the playoffs. Skol baby

  70. sarah ensign

    sarah ensign3 godzin temu

    Raiders win 25-24

  71. Ace Solomon

    Ace Solomon3 godzin temu

    Cruz is highly publicized but Nicks was the better receiver of the two

  72. Ech0es

    Ech0es3 godzin temu

    Falcons will win because Kyle Allen is hot steaming ass.

  73. Ace Solomon

    Ace Solomon3 godzin temu

    #4 should be 1, and where is the preseason one-hand catch against the Jets?

  74. Will G

    Will G3 godzin temu

    What 3 wide receivers do you have to get us off the cover 1 man blitz press with Peter's, Jimmy,and shutdown Marlon??? If it's clear weather just cold it's a wrap only thing that can slow down the Ravens is bad field conditions otherwise Sanfran would also been a blow out.

  75. Stamen Stoychev

    Stamen Stoychev3 godzin temu

    Sorry but the refs gave this to KC... Some very questionable calls there! Mahomes accuracy is superb, but LJ is way more versatile and dangerous IMHO.

  76. Daniel Trickey

    Daniel Trickey3 godzin temu

    What these announcers always fail to mention is that the niners usually only rush 4. That backfield is gonna be crowded. Plus, the Saints interior O line is hurt. I think this is gonna be like the Packer game.

  77. tooter1able

    tooter1able3 godzin temu

    EAgles Secondary is SWartz' Achilles' heel. Somebody get them to cover!!

  78. tooter1able

    tooter1able3 godzin temu

    The Eagles offense looks dry....worn and without any sorprises...Screens? no. Fakes no It's Groh.

  79. Jagsnation_Austria

    Jagsnation_Austria3 godzin temu

    Folgt alle Deutscher Madden und Nfl Kanal

  80. Jagsnation_Austria

    Jagsnation_Austria3 godzin temu

    Folgt alle Deutscher Madden und Nfl Kanal

  81. Jared Carrick

    Jared Carrick3 godzin temu

    The Rams get hot at the right time and ride the wave into the playoffs. Donald feasts in this game against the weak Seahawks O line and drops Wilson 4 times in this one. Rams jump out to an early 10-0 lead after 1. They extend the lead to 20-3 at the half. Seattle makes it 20-10 midway through the 3rd, but the Rams answer with another TD to take a 27-10 lead to the 4th. Seattle goes for it on 4th down just barely on the Rams side of midfield, but Donald gets one of his 4 sacks on the night and the Rams start their next drive early in the 4th in great field position, and fully capitalize and make it a 34-10 lead. Down 3 TDs and 3 2pt conversions, Seattle finally responds again midway through the 4th but fails on the 2pt conversion attempt to make it 34-16, and that ends up being the final score. The Vikes stumble to the finish line and the Rams overtake them to become the third NFC West team to make it to the tournament this season. In the meantime, the 9ers reclaim their rightful spot atop the division standings and win the West to lock up the first round bye. The Rams ride their hot streak into Lambeau and handle the overrated Packers. At that point, all bets are off when the Rams travel to NO or SF in the Divisional Round, as they will be riding high on a nice win streak and looking like the dominant force they were last season. Meanwhile for the Seachickens, whoever comes out of the NFC Least will bounce Seattle in the WC round again. Sorry Seahawks homers. Russ can’t do everything. You want to get back to being real contenders, get a defense that doesn’t allow nearly 400 offensive yards per game.

  82. Jesus Died For You

    Jesus Died For You3 godzin temu

    I'm going patriots winning in a close one. Maybe 36-34?

  83. Jesus Died For You

    Jesus Died For You3 godzin temu

    You know everyone says the same thing EVERY year, Tom Brady is falling off a cliff. He's reaching his expiration date. He's closer than he was last year, but he's not done. Besides, we all know Tom Brady, regardless of the regular season, always plays his best football in the playoffs

  84. PP Playz

    PP Playz3 godzin temu

    The last game Andrew Luck was a part of

  85. Lmenzol

    Lmenzol3 godzin temu

    Steve Young hates the 49ers, always trashing them subtly on espn

  86. Wilman

    Wilman3 godzin temu

    If yall think about it we lost because we fumbled 2 times and got sacked and got intercepted that 4 touchdowns for sure we would have made and we stopped trying.

  87. Vincent Carr

    Vincent Carr3 godzin temu

    《المعجن ن toshe》

  88. Tim Taft

    Tim Taft4 godzin temu

    Seattle fan here. This is gonna be a rough game I think, I’m totally on the Hawks’ side but tbh i wouldn’t be surprised if the Rams win. Regardless, I think it will be a close game. My prediction is: Seattle-23 Los Angeles-21 May the best team win! #GOHAWKS

  89. Savage Azz Beezi

    Savage Azz Beezi4 godzin temu

    The Raiders trash the Titans finna beat that ass tomorrow

  90. Aaron220

    Aaron2204 godzin temu

    Gotta love the “unspecial” special teams. It tied the game.

  91. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi4 godzin temu

    Let's go Bill's mafia

  92. Diet Clorox Bleach

    Diet Clorox Bleach4 godzin temu

    Wow no one chose the ravens look at them now

  93. Mendel Kleyman

    Mendel Kleyman4 godzin temu

    Cynthia is really bad at predicting scores

  94. Lisa Kick Me

    Lisa Kick Me4 godzin temu

    Hoping to see Beyoncé at the half time show again at least once more

  95. Timothy Sisneros

    Timothy Sisneros4 godzin temu

    I really don't remember this game, blackout and all. Couldn't care less, cause I'm a Denver fan dam it lol. All you had to do was knock it down dude

  96. Yin Yang Domain

    Yin Yang Domain4 godzin temu

    Baltimore is RG3 reborn. I expect some of these teams will get wise and go back and look at tape. Isnt RG3 a backup?

  97. nick lozano

    nick lozano4 godzin temu

    Like if the 49ers are the best team in the NFL

  98. Bryan Rogers

    Bryan Rogers4 godzin temu

    Man if Seattle’s LB’s knew how to catch this game would’ve been over way sooner


    AZUKI KRY4 godzin temu

    15:38 , you can watch your team blow 25-point lead in slow motion.

  100. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget4 godzin temu

    Imagine paying money to see this