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  1. It’s the sound of Chaos

    It’s the sound of Chaos3 minut temu

    We’ll meet again... dunno where... dunno wheeeeeeen.

  2. nepi i

    nepi i5 minut temu

    Disney be like: Let's buy everything!!

  3. ThePart ThatGamed

    ThePart ThatGamed5 minut temu

    I’m sure it was obvious that he was depressed. When you are depressed you always have one thing that hits you in the back of your head, “I want someone to relate to me and give me the energy that correlates to me perfect to my situation and life”

  4. Kiryu Ikami

    Kiryu Ikami7 minut temu

    Step 1: Hack into government. Step 2: Steal Nuclear Launch Codes Step 3: Launch Step 4: Profit!

  5. Golem Gaming

    Golem Gaming7 minut temu

    Who watches the flash tv v show if you do who is your favirot carecter

  6. Wolfie Derp •–•

    Wolfie Derp •–•9 minut temu

    I’m da apple protector! Gimme your apples in the reply area!!! All apples with be safe from witches!! 🧙‍♀️ 🔫👧🏻 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  7. Kermit Is Sexy

    Kermit Is Sexy14 minut temu

    Here’s how to survive the hunger games: *be the cameraman*

  8. Luka Perlic

    Luka Perlic16 minut temu


  9. Matt Cassidy YEG

    Matt Cassidy YEG20 minut temu

    So can you please make an episode on Code Geass?

  10. RedEyesTops

    RedEyesTops29 minut temu

    Ah man, COPPA's gonna come down on the Paul brothers like a lightning storm

  11. abiotic_sloth

    abiotic_sloth36 minut temu

    (I know I’m a year late but can you put links to the articles you’ve read please?)

  12. Captain Fuzz

    Captain Fuzz40 minut temu


  13. dogelot

    dogelot41 minuta temu


  14. Hannah Ford

    Hannah Ford41 minuta temu

    I don't know... I think I'd like it from a storytelling POV and it would be a great twist, but I disagree that dark automatically = bad, and light = good. Plus, I think this is a little too vague and generalised. Also, I think Rey and Ben need to bring balance to the force, either yin yang style where they are mostly on one end but have a dot of the other, or where they use the dark and the light. Rey in particular is motivated by family, which although she never found out about her parents, she found with Han, Finn, Leia, Poe, etc. so while she may use dark force stuff, I don't think she'll lose herself to it.

  15. RantingMagpie

    RantingMagpie42 minut temu

    It was always Donnie! Without him they wouldn't have ANY of their cool technology.

  16. Timo Hoogendoorn

    Timo Hoogendoorn44 minut temu

    MatPat: tells the requirerments to be in illuminati Also MatPat: Is influential, famous, and shows signs of illuminati

  17. Bryce Wmack Womack

    Bryce Wmack Womack45 minut temu

    I am 11 but I am not dumb

  18. Lance

    Lance48 minut temu

    Matpat : Go Check It Out Me : This is My Safe Spot No No Just Dont I Dont Want To

  19. Scared_sugarless

    Scared_sugarless51 minuta temu

    So I found out In frozen Olaf is 5’4...can you do a video talking about how tall the other characters are?? Cause holy they must be tall af!

  20. Nick Batutay

    Nick Batutay51 minuta temu

    Just convert the place values to sensical place values One billion,Nine Million,and Six hundred and twenty-three dollars and sixty-to cents in "2nd Richest Duck" 5 quintillion,9 quadrillion,7 trillion dollars and sixteen cents in "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck"

  21. Pj lav

    Pj lav52 minut temu

    Well .... Thank God Ironmans dead now... Captain Americas shield is in the hands of someone with metal wings 🤷‍♂️

  22. Morganite Gem

    Morganite Gem56 minut temu

    @thefilmtheorist didn't All Might admit that he was basically just... flexing... to look buff? If he no longer has the strength that one for all had, he wouldn't be able to flex. All Might could just be too weak to flex now, like how if you excersize too much you get too weak flex your muscles in your arms and legs, or when you break a toe you can't move many of the other 5 on that foot very well, as I have foumd out within the last week. I love yhe theory, but you looked over what All Mighy has already said about yhe way he looks

  23. Nicholas Jordan

    Nicholas Jordan57 minut temu

    Rip matpats theory

  24. Mario Ramirez

    Mario Ramirez59 minut temu

    That moment when you realize you destroyed the last horcrux keeping you alive.

  25. Halo FunGaming

    Halo FunGamingGodzinę temu


  26. Charles Chaplin

    Charles ChaplinGodzinę temu

    Hey MatPat; do you ever feel like Disney watches your videos and change their scripts on a dime, reshoots and continuity be dammed, just to say you were wrong? Like nothing in the franchise matters to them but subverting expectations and selling toys? All seriousness though, every one of your theories have been better than the films have ended up being.

  27. Satisfied_ EightBall

    Satisfied_ EightBallGodzinę temu

    7:08 My *Bokki* went big... Don't research it, I swear!

  28. hi hu

    hi huGodzinę temu


  29. Moonstone UniDia3548

    Moonstone UniDia3548Godzinę temu

    ꌗꂦ ꎭꋪ ꎭꍏ꓄ᖘꍏ꓄ ꌩꂦꀎ ꉓꍏꈤ꓄ ꋪꍟꍏꀸ ꓄ꃅꀤꌗ ꌃꀎ꓄ ꀤ ꅏꍏꈤꎇ ꓄ꂦ ꃅꀤꋪꍟ ꌩꂦꀎ ꓄ꂦ ꌃꍟ ꎭꌩ ꒒ꍏꅏꌩꍟꋪ

  30. Nicholas Jordan

    Nicholas JordanGodzinę temu

    I swear matpat will be put on a watch list for our government or something some day

  31. Gacha Ellie0326

    Gacha Ellie0326Godzinę temu

    I am fangirling coz u watch Once upon a time

  32. nicholas labrecque

    nicholas labrecqueGodzinę temu

    what is the take away?

  33. Catie Cute

    Catie CuteGodzinę temu

    6:19 I only saw it once not twice....

  34. Nicholas Jordan

    Nicholas JordanGodzinę temu

    The symbiots feed off of adrenaline in the comics which is why you see them doing all these dangerous things in the comics and movies

  35. LisaStar GamingYT

    LisaStar GamingYTGodzinę temu

    Lion king

  36. A M

    A MGodzinę temu

    That would make sense As in the previous episodes ypu said that he was acting as a girl seducing a sailor

  37. Gluddy

    GluddyGodzinę temu

    im just hoping i hear Daredevil being in one of these movies

  38. sokoto

    sokotoGodzinę temu

    one big problem probably pointed out hear but logans regenerative powers would prevent the factor of the dnabreak down because of his advanced age in the comic universe he is believed to be a cave man

  39. Ilia Stephnadze

    Ilia StephnadzeGodzinę temu


  40. Galactic Gaming&rl

    Galactic Gaming&rlGodzinę temu

    Bill cipher’s forward last words: I gotta throw up! Kay you throw me up! This wasn’t enough! Bill cipher’s backward last words: A-X-O-L-O-T-L! My time has come to burn! I invoke the ancient power I may return! Like or comment if you agree You can also comment if you don’t agree just say ‘ I don’t agree ‘ Edit: correct bill cypher -> bill cipher

  41. A M

    A MGodzinę temu

    This is not scary but depressing

  42. Denzel Moffat

    Denzel MoffatGodzinę temu

    Mat if only

  43. App Create

    App CreateGodzinę temu

    The idea that Summer could end up being a more important character (plot and character development-wise) than Morty is something that never really crossed my mind until this video.

  44. Phoenix Follen

    Phoenix FollenGodzinę temu

    Super villain name? How about Mr. No-Brainer?

  45. RoaringDinosaurs2901

    RoaringDinosaurs2901Godzinę temu

    When r u gonna do another dr D debunking? Its killing me to wait

  46. XxShrekAPigxX _

    XxShrekAPigxX _Godzinę temu

    Finally a shrek one I’ve been waiting for this for years

  47. Getsouko

    Getsouko2 godzin temu

    when deku fought muscular, he did not use 10000% of One For All. He pissibly used about 30%. He just said to himself it 10000% to raise his own morale. But yeah the point still remains. Deku does not transform even when he uses One For All at 30%

  48. Dr. Stone

    Dr. Stone2 godzin temu


  49. Justas Marinskas

    Justas Marinskas2 godzin temu

    The show:Lets see how matpat does this... MatPat:THEORY ROLLER DA!!!!!!!!

  50. Iris

    Iris2 godzin temu

    Scientist and Inventors: watches Phineas and Ferb Scientist and Inventors sees Phineas and Ferb's invention: Oh, that's cool S&I sees Doof's invention: OMG that's actually possible😂😂

  51. AkioPlayz AKA BurbPlayz

    AkioPlayz AKA BurbPlayz2 godzin temu

    Harden any part of their body eh? *heheheheheh*

  52. AeneasGemini

    AeneasGemini2 godzin temu

    Yeah, I think this video is excellent proof of the idea that if you really want to believe horseshit tastes like ice-cream, you'll find a way to rationalise it. The joker is just a sad man who wants to prove that everyone shares his psychosis, to prove that he's not a psycho and it's everyone else who has the problem (classic insanity play). At the beginning of the film the city is actually better off because of Batman (the mob is running scared and corruption is dropping, something we can see by Harvey Dent's election to DA). The joker's an excellent character, but the whole idea of him 'cleaning up' Gotham runs counter to both his actions and his words. He has no plan and he certainly has no sense of justice. Saying he planned all this just because of the outcome is like saying the 2011 Tsunami planned the Fukushima meltdown. The storm doesn't care if it uproots a few trees, that's just what it does

  53. Δεσποινα Κατσακα

    Δεσποινα Κατσακα2 godzin temu

    The thuplain says:"Batman fat's: I diseases" I'm laughing so hard right now.

  54. Stanley Whitehouse

    Stanley Whitehouse2 godzin temu

    anime in dubbed🤢🤢

  55. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna2 godzin temu

    there can be only one giorno

  56. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna2 godzin temu


  57. shamaica alegre

    shamaica alegre2 godzin temu

    This ruined my whole childhood

  58. Alb Smiley

    Alb Smiley2 godzin temu

    You are lucky i started seeing you after my birthday.

  59. Just Someone Who Love The Sims

    Just Someone Who Love The Sims2 godzin temu

    I haven't gotten season 4 yet :( Im in Australia Almost got spoiled, Idc that much but where is it Australia Netflix!!!!!!!!!

  60. Shawn Jasen

    Shawn Jasen2 godzin temu

    You haven’t calculated the amount of souls she has already used

  61. Rebeca Berenice Rivera Velázquez

    Rebeca Berenice Rivera Velázquez2 godzin temu

    0:34 Yes, definitely 😄❤️

  62. Conrad Barnes

    Conrad Barnes2 godzin temu

    I love how the entire x force was had call backs to comics and they all just died but hey at least peter is still alive.

  63. Adie Bartolome

    Adie Bartolome2 godzin temu

    Light = Thanos

  64. PjandBolt

    PjandBolt2 godzin temu

    I'm seriously not trying to hate at all... I just have a few questions... Why do people suspect Elsa to be lesbian? I'm really curious to know because from watching frozen 1 I would've never theorized that, granted I was 8 but still... And were there any lesbians in 1840 Norway? I think its an interesting theory and I wanna know the thought process... Also, why DO people want her to have a love interest? Can't she be a strong woman that doesn't need a man OR a woman? I'm fairly new on lgbtq stuff so I'm not really educated on what things mean, how things work, what things offend people and what things dont. I'm genuinely curious about this so please be open :)

  65. Tyler Francis Robert Yip

    Tyler Francis Robert Yip2 godzin temu

    GOOD Science, BAD Movies! EXCUSE ME!?

  66. Hgo

    Hgo3 godzin temu

    12:12 crocodile? That’s a alligator!

  67. Felize Villanueva

    Felize Villanueva3 godzin temu

    Makesss sense

  68. S.H

    S.H3 godzin temu

    GUYS I HAVE A THEORY! so like, we know both Gravity false and RAM is connected. Bill is currently stuck in another dimension, with a bunch of monsters which we can see during the weirdmagedon. maybe the Rick that abandoned Beth was actually trapped in the dimension with bill & the monsters, which can explain why rick is so smart: Bill gave him his knowledge and as we saw on Gravity Falls, bill gave Stanford his knowledge. for a proof, the BIG theory about that ome episode when rick is running from the counsel and there are the mug and the pen and you know😂 so yeah I think it's a good theory tbh

  69. Iancarl Torrico

    Iancarl Torrico3 godzin temu

    Anyone 2019 anyone am i the only one?

  70. Legionaru Emanuel

    Legionaru Emanuel3 godzin temu

    And the next spinoff theory channel is Survival theory! Everiobody : heck no!

  71. thomas ho

    thomas ho3 godzin temu

    If the intro was actually a movie I would do anything to watch it.....except for sexual stuff , killing someone , and.....U know what never mind.

  72. ausbelbot

    ausbelbot3 godzin temu

    How much money do they need? Like man they could have been rich if they didn't pay or DO this dino park. I wonder, really, how much money did they had in the first place, and how much money do they have now? Someone tell me, plssssssss!!!!!

  73. lewis Mabon

    lewis Mabon3 godzin temu

    Yes I would because my very annoying friends would not want to mess with me.

  74. Well Ethan Realino Demetria

    Well Ethan Realino Demetria3 godzin temu

    until the third movie

  75. fairy tale forever Lily

    fairy tale forever Lily3 godzin temu

    I came here for Doctor who and I was pleasantly surprised to find Jeff Dunham here too

  76. Midnight Dazzle

    Midnight Dazzle3 godzin temu

    0:25 ironically frozen 2 ''into the unknown'' was stolen too

  77. Random Person

    Random Person3 godzin temu

    Where’s part two?

  78. Scarface 17

    Scarface 173 godzin temu

    “Unfortunately I am not a character on south park” Comedy central/SouthPark: hold my bear.

  79. Lukhanyo Solo

    Lukhanyo Solo3 godzin temu

    I've died 10 times in my dreams

  80. miss sushi

    miss sushi3 godzin temu

    I really don't understand how people are scared of him...

  81. ausbelbot

    ausbelbot3 godzin temu

    Did u guys hear what the dark voices said? It was weird, but poppy, im a confused and I really want to know what that dark voice message said.

  82. Sea Reaper

    Sea Reaper3 godzin temu

    This theory scares me

  83. Miss Jackrabbit

    Miss Jackrabbit3 godzin temu

    i went into this video thinking i would learn how to water bend irl. dislike.

  84. Adie Bartolome

    Adie Bartolome3 godzin temu

    I bet if Bakugo didn't study for his test and take it the classroom explodes

  85. KobeTube

    KobeTube3 godzin temu

    Who listened to bills death backwards

  86. WinterHussar

    WinterHussar3 godzin temu

    4:21 so your thumbnail was a lie

  87. Link TRS

    Link TRS3 godzin temu

    The First Theory wasn't a Diet Theory, It was a Full Episode of Film Theory

  88. Shaourya Soni

    Shaourya Soni3 godzin temu

    If 11 likes mike Who does the demo gorgon like

  89. TnA 2588

    TnA 25883 godzin temu

    You know they can re write your name now they know how it is spelt and they also gonna have your face in mind since they met you in person.

  90. Maxi Enderman

    Maxi Enderman3 godzin temu

    So this episode is just about not being an a$$hole

  91. Alex Pascual

    Alex Pascual3 godzin temu

    At the S__P part, I thought: "SOUP"

  92. Alb Smiley

    Alb Smiley3 godzin temu

    I have seen pinnocio,snowwhite and cinderella. I am from 2007 and know all of Them.

  93. Disagree With Everything

    Disagree With Everything3 godzin temu

    This video was poorly researched. You say you like talking about gameshows, then at least make it a strong video not one based on verifiably false information.

  94. lichi jaiswal

    lichi jaiswal3 godzin temu

    People died immediately as soon as they see birdbox monster. Me:- Medusa is that ya?

  95. Cybard Sands

    Cybard Sands3 godzin temu

    Was watching this and realised that mr poopy butthole is essentially a freeloader. A paracite like brian from family guy. Except not. He's a viewer which watches rick and morty only exists within one universe as the show jumps between multiple I think, he just stumbled upon it and told Rick and the other ricks most likely to be in the show also know. That could be their friendship and why mr poopy butthole is a professor, he and rick is trying to figure out a way to keep the show going under. He is as desperate to keep existing as rick is that he is always happy. The episode though shows every paracite as a freeloader giving something positive to the family whilst making mild surgestions to make the family doubt themselves in order to survive. At the end of the current rick and morty episode mr poopy butthole has a job and is content, which was then ruined by rick. Meaning rick was lonely and needed a beer with mr poopy to cheer him up even if it destroyed his entire current lifestyle to get it.

  96. Adie Bartolome

    Adie Bartolome4 godzin temu

    Matpat Loves Disney *Ruins it*

  97. Pinche Poor

    Pinche Poor4 godzin temu

    Film theory: it’s not over Me: Don’t do that Don’t give me hope

  98. ItzOcean Gacha

    ItzOcean Gacha4 godzin temu

    "that lunatic jumping of rooftops in a ninja costume,BATMAN" Me: HoW dArE yOu InSuLt BaTmAn 😂

  99. Kevin Yannutz

    Kevin Yannutz4 godzin temu

    The new trailer is much better, actually can't wait for it now. Totally looks like the sonic we all know and love now, fun loving and kinda cute

  100. Andre Smith

    Andre Smith4 godzin temu

    I live in South Africa, and we ended apartheid on March the 21st...1994...why is it I feel some kind of "movie theory" connection here?