TENET Trailer 2 (2020) Robert Pattinson Movie

TENET Trailer 2 (2020) Nolan, Robert Pattinson Movie
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  1. Tea9000

    Tea9000Godzinę temu

    The best movie tagline I heard "a movie so confusing, even Pattinson didn't know what was going on while they were filming it."

  2. Richard Jokes

    Richard JokesGodzinę temu

    Robert Patinson has come a long way since Twilight. It honestly makes me a bit sad that people still dog him for being in those god awful movies.

  3. Caoimhe

    Caoimhe3 godzin temu

    Harry Potter fans it’s Fleur and Cedric!!!

  4. Michelle Jones

    Michelle Jones4 godzin temu

    Movies aren’t what they used to be. So sad

  5. Heather Brown

    Heather Brown6 godzin temu

    i guess I'll have to watch this yesterday as UK cinemas are not opening anytime soon...if at all this year.

  6. Aliens On Dope

    Aliens On Dope7 godzin temu

    I can't wait for this film. Oh wait...

  7. Marianne Molina

    Marianne Molina8 godzin temu

    you are kidding me with the theaters? unless?

  8. Brandon Baza

    Brandon Baza11 godzin temu

    PLgos: You wanna see a Robert Patterson movie? Me: No, I’m in quarantine PLgos: It’s directed by Christopher Nolan Me: *I ReNoUncE aLl tIeS To ReAliTy!!!*

  9. Darcy ooh

    Darcy ooh15 godzin temu

    Dann that looks good!

  10. ghanaus

    ghanaus16 godzin temu

    The lead actor is pretty weak

  11. Megan Marfori

    Megan Marfori18 godzin temu


  12. Wayne A. W.

    Wayne A. W.21 godzinę temu

    Tee-hee-hee. This is why I love Christopher Nolan. When I think of my friends who were utterly confused by the cinematic masterpiece that is "INCEPTION" (2010), just imagine what their experience with Tenet is going to be lol [Remember Spielberg's "Minority Report" (2002) and the concept of Pre-Crime... well, there's your hint, peeps 😘]

  13. Kero gamal

    Kero gamalDzień temu

    Nolan, stop missing with my brain. Damn it !!

  14. Minenhle Longwe

    Minenhle LongweDzień temu

    John David Washington

  15. Ted Kay

    Ted KayDzień temu

    This movies violence ain't got shit on the current coverage of the Minneapolis riots

  16. Sah. B.

    Sah. B.Dzień temu

    Hate the grandma scarf.

  17. gemstar 39

    gemstar 39Dzień temu

    Love Robert Pattinson......❤❤

  18. snail viXen

    snail viXenDzień temu

    esoteric af


    ELECTR RAYYANDzień temu

    I already saw the movie.. this word is little dramatic

  20. Ayesha Azam

    Ayesha AzamDzień temu

    2.09 is that dimple kapadia from Bollywood?

  21. Jú Barbosa

    Jú BarbosaDzień temu

    lmfao I believe Nolan refuses to make a movie if Michael Caine isn’t available.

  22. Marcos Martinez

    Marcos Martinez2 dni temu

    idk why it says Robert Pattinson movie......he isnt the director neither the star.

  23. Peaceful Dawn

    Peaceful Dawn2 dni temu

    "Robert Pattinson Movie"? EXCUSE ME?! Bloody downvoted for that nonsense!

  24. · ·

    · ·2 dni temu

    Sir George tenet salutations

  25. Faradilla Firdaus

    Faradilla Firdaus2 dni temu

    "You wanna crash a plane" and the plane did really crashed

  26. Marilyn Dafeta

    Marilyn Dafeta2 dni temu

    This looks AWESOME 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Rita Martins

    Rita Martins2 dni temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a> I imagine this is the conversation Nolan had with the producers

  28. Jauken Jekbolat

    Jauken Jekbolat2 dni temu

    I’ve never seen something more stupid than calling this a “Robert Pattinson movie”

  29. Ms. Tal

    Ms. Tal12 godzin temu

    The main purpose of a PLgos video title is to make you click on the video, Robert Pattinson is the most famous person in this movie, so naturally they use his name to get more people to click. I’ve seen a lot of things more stupid than that title, and your one of them

  30. TrollownsGoblin no

    TrollownsGoblin no18 godzin temu

    Jauken Jekbolat yeah cause from my understanding he’s not the lead so ..

  31. Mantas Chabibulinas

    Mantas ChabibulinasDzień temu

    Not that there is something wrong with Robert, but I agree this is dumb

  32. hey there demons it’s me ya boy

    hey there demons it’s me ya boy2 dni temu

    Why does he look like handsome squidward in the thumbnail

  33. enter a name here

    enter a name here2 dni temu

    I saw it a month forward. Its gonna break the internet

  34. Alora

    Alora2 dni temu

    Is this shit backwards?.

  35. MyMscullen

    MyMscullen2 dni temu

    Looks boring

  36. Karleigh Karleen

    Karleigh Karleen2 dni temu

    I missed him.. robert I mean💘

  37. Gala xia

    Gala xia2 dni temu

    Trailer: Coming to Theaters. Quarantine: Am I a joke to you?

  38. Payytons

    Payytons19 godzin temu

    Memorial day and the riots say yes.

  39. Maria

    Maria2 dni temu

    this trailer kinda sucks

  40. TheAlexis4444

    TheAlexis44442 dni temu

    superhero movies? I have had enough.. they are so unrealistic.. give me a good thriller, mystery any day..

  41. N B

    N B2 dni temu

    this is going to be nolan’s next inception.

  42. Slgigi may

    Slgigi may2 dni temu

    Honest...I'm only here because of RP.

  43. Mingyu's Jawline

    Mingyu's Jawline2 dni temu

    So Fleur Delacour and Cedric Diggory transitioned to the muggle world and became agents.

  44. Alex Lauren Castillo

    Alex Lauren Castillo3 dni temu

    Roberts accent is so bad.

  45. Glen Warnes

    Glen Warnes3 dni temu

    Looks good. No "gurlpower" nonsense. So I'm in. And, since I pay the bills, my family is in, too. :D

  46. Julia Johansson

    Julia Johansson3 dni temu

    This movie is all about mr Denzel Washington’s son starring in this movie. Hopefully he will succeed and won’t fail just like Will smith’s son did. Both fathers are my favorite actors, their sons have the time to be legends in cinema.

  47. Samina Fazlani

    Samina Fazlani3 dni temu

    Dogface man

  48. Amir Waqiuddin

    Amir Waqiuddin3 dni temu


  49. FlikM

    FlikM3 dni temu

    You're telling me this terrible posture, slim guy is gonna be the next Batman? Oof

  50. Aamer Mirza

    Aamer Mirza3 dni temu

    After seeing what happened to that black man in US, the way 4 police officers killed him. Now Seeing how this black actor potraying important position in this movie seems so fake.

  51. Natalie McIntyre

    Natalie McIntyre3 dni temu

    Another movie that won’t pass the bechdel test

  52. Riyaz Edka

    Riyaz Edka3 dni temu

    I couldn't see any difference between this new trailer and the first one... anyone else ??

  53. jane smart

    jane smart3 dni temu

    Robert Pattinson is hot as ever

  54. septi ilham

    septi ilham3 dni temu

    Damn robert pattinson you did it again

  55. Haris Bux

    Haris Bux3 dni temu

    Not the Batman we deserve :(

  56. Black Engineering Student

    Black Engineering Student3 dni temu

    Really? Robert Pattinson movie?

  57. Muhammad Ahsan

    Muhammad Ahsan4 dni temu

    This much appearance of Robert Pattinson in batman is acceptable..!🤣

  58. Westley Stone

    Westley Stone4 dni temu

    I love how John David Washington has top billing but it’s “Robert Pattinson movie.” Fix your shit.


    ALICE CHARLES4 dni temu

    Think I'll give this one a miss- a classic case of a boy with too many toys...

  60. Helena Durst

    Helena Durst4 dni temu

    Coming to theaters... when they are open again :D

  61. h d

    h d4 dni temu

    Yikes. Nothing wrecks a time-distortion themed film like reverse-play camera tricks.

  62. Rali272

    Rali2724 dni temu

    Of course a MAGA Country idiot can't see it in his racist mind to call it a John David Washington movie. So his mind chooses his aryan brother which is 8th on IMDb's top billing list as the star of the movie in his eyes. Can't be the black man's movie.

  63. Khizar Malik

    Khizar Malik4 dni temu

    Nolan's obsession with Time is mesmerizing.

  64. JanaBella8 Schneider

    JanaBella8 Schneider4 dni temu

    Robert ffycin Pattinson is perfect Batman

  65. Chris Chris

    Chris Chris4 dni temu

    This movie might be good but the trailer was so boring and uninteresting

  66. James 225

    James 2255 dni temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">02:30</a> WITH NO SURVIVORS

  67. ViceKnIghtTA

    ViceKnIghtTA5 dni temu

    wasn't this done in Minority Report?

  68. Angel Hunt

    Angel Hunt5 dni temu

    Who else got a nose bleed? I

  69. Marynha Dantas

    Marynha Dantas5 dni temu

    Não sei o que Edward Cullen tá fazendo aí mas parece que será top.

  70. CWow 21

    CWow 215 dni temu

    Tbh was expecting a question mark after the “coming to theaters”

  71. Paul Franklin

    Paul Franklin5 dni temu

    Christopher Nolan is the most over rated director of all time. Utter rubbish

  72. Lorna Ginette Harrison

    Lorna Ginette Harrison5 dni temu

    I love the confident way it says 'Coming to theatres', like that’s a possibility. It seems almost inconceivable that it might actually happen some time soon, but it gives me hope...fingers very much crossed! Seeing a new Christopher Nolan film on only a TV screen would be somehow rude, after all the amazing work that goes into creating his movies!

  73. Lorna Ginette Harrison

    Lorna Ginette Harrison2 dni temu

    Sam Oht: Yeah, I’m sorry for sounding like I’m assuming everywhere is still in pandemic lockdown! I’m actually in the UK, where alas things are still somewhat precarious, although it’s looking like - for better or worse [probably for worse considering the delayed & abysmal handling of the Tory Boris Johnson government] - some shops might be opening up again in June, but I can’t see cinemas being allowed to do so unless they drastically restrict seating arrangements to respect proper social distancing.

  74. Sam Oht

    Sam Oht2 dni temu

    Actually there are other countries than the US, and a bunch of them have opened theaters or a date for reopening already.

  75. Pinknikki

    Pinknikki5 dni temu

    John David Washington is the lead but ok

  76. Hannah Walker

    Hannah Walker5 dni temu

    This movie will tell me if Patterson will be a good or bad batman.

  77. FISHYface64

    FISHYface645 dni temu

    Robert Pattinson😍😍he’s so handsome!

  78. Michael Stirm

    Michael Stirm5 dni temu

    Looks confusing..wish he'd make more superhero movies

  79. C M

    C M5 dni temu

    All movie adds from now on will end with, coming to theaters! When exactly?

  80. HippieJoe Rex

    HippieJoe Rex5 dni temu


  81. Aaron Mitchell

    Aaron Mitchell5 dni temu

    I legitimately feel like I'm too stupid to enjoy this movie and what it's trying to do.

  82. Al A-Las H

    Al A-Las H5 dni temu

    I don't get it yet 😅 but I'm stoked to

  83. Huitzi Salazar

    Huitzi Salazar5 dni temu

    Robert pattinson did harambe!!

  84. Marisa Romero

    Marisa Romero6 dni temu

    Love you Robert! 😍😍

  85. Anna G

    Anna G6 dni temu

    Wtf is this plot. I still don’t know

  86. Surya Teja

    Surya Teja6 dni temu

    My man Cutty