Olivia Jade Finally Responds to College Scandal

After nine months, Olivia Jade quietly returned to PLgos. Her channel has been dark since March, when “Operation Varsity Blues,” otherwise known as the college admissions scandal, broke. Her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, allegedly dropped $500,000 to get Olivia and her sister, Isabella Rose, into the University of Southern California. Olivia Jade’s return was met with mixed reactions. “I seriously think that you should stay off of social media. After what happened, I think it would be better to lay low,” one user wrote. InsideEdition.com’s Stephanie Officer explains.


  1. Brian Melvin

    Brian MelvinGodzinę temu

    She’s got a gift ... and that s youtube and creating content. Only certain people can pull it off so I say go for it, screw college

  2. James Lyback

    James Lyback3 godzin temu

    Future Democrat politician.

  3. Mike Palladino

    Mike Palladino7 godzin temu

    She ogly

  4. Xtra Delite

    Xtra Delite7 godzin temu

    She says nothing about leaving USC for a deserving student.

  5. Robert Eramian

    Robert Eramian13 godzin temu

    Just go away no one likes her

  6. Vanessa Mraz

    Vanessa Mraz16 godzin temu

    Cheater. Not smart enough to be in college, that's why your parents had to cheat the system ain't fooling anyone obviously you knew.

  7. Cactus Leoni

    Cactus Leoni16 godzin temu

    She should have made a rowing video

  8. Dina Giangregorio

    Dina GiangregorioDzień temu

    Her mom looks so smug in her videos

  9. Denise Cox

    Denise CoxDzień temu

    I can’t imagine WHY anyone has to bribe anyone into USC??? Harvard..maybe but USC? 🖤💖

  10. Bullet Agario

    Bullet AgarioDzień temu

    All she’s good for is being passed around at a party.

  11. Blake Gordon

    Blake GordonDzień temu

    Go away

  12. Earl James

    Earl JamesDzień temu

    No one: Cares

  13. Patricia Reed

    Patricia ReedDzień temu

    You missy get a slap on the wrist, anyone else..to the dungeons!

  14. XxLouuieeeXx

    XxLouuieeeXxDzień temu

    The way her mother reacted to the whole case and signing autographs was so shameful

  15. daniel Goodson

    daniel GoodsonDzień temu

    Corruption of easily corruptible institutions by entitled persons. This starts early... example: junior high band camps, honor bands, faked audition videos and recordings... I was naive and felt foolish when I realized the politics and games...and this will continue. The entitlement train will just get better at sneaking their way in front of deserving students.

  16. Catherine Cote

    Catherine Cote2 dni temu

    Plan your comeback after you have mastered rowing.

  17. Catherine Cote

    Catherine Cote2 dni temu

    Lol (comment below).......

  18. Debbie Fultz

    Debbie Fultz2 dni temu

    Makes me sick.

  19. Chad Johnson

    Chad Johnson2 dni temu

    Remember, one bad event doesn’t define you. Keep your head up and soon it will pass!

  20. Abby from wii sports

    Abby from wii sports2 dni temu

    Translation: yes, I was caught being a bad person. I don’t care bout y’all I just miss my attention. Ima get caught again doing something else but I just need money

  21. Pat Moore

    Pat Moore3 dni temu

    She’s a criminal

  22. Mr. Goodbar

    Mr. Goodbar3 dni temu


  23. Dennis Goebelt

    Dennis Goebelt5 dni temu

    What a zero.

  24. Klee Klee

    Klee Klee5 dni temu

    Who is this?

  25. Marco Olivares

    Marco Olivares6 dni temu

    Dont give your views. Send her employment address. In and out. Got gob for her.

  26. Marco Olivares

    Marco Olivares6 dni temu

    She needs to get a job. Like all other girls in college have jobs. To pay their Bill's. No. Mommy rights me acheck. Daddy to. Hope for viewers helper on that to.. she's fake. All around. Looser.

  27. Y DGaming

    Y DGaming6 dni temu

    Isn't this the same girl who flicked off people

  28. Noteman

    Noteman6 dni temu

    She’d rather TAKE than EARN. THIS IS WHAT NARCISSISTS’ LOOK LIKE. Someone tell me what is her talent? Average looking. Is putting on makeup, wearing clothes and talking like an idiot a talent now? Go jump on an “aspiring” rappers stick, make a movie, fame forever. Obviously that’s what you want. At least go buy some boobs.

  29. Jim Krambeer

    Jim Krambeer7 dni temu

    She’s an idiot!! Good lord!!

  30. hogan derk

    hogan derk7 dni temu

    Just get naked!

  31. Todd Leveck

    Todd Leveck7 dni temu

    Wow, she really doesn’t have a brain. Maybe the Wizard can help....Naaaaa.

  32. Lynn Eddy

    Lynn Eddy7 dni temu

    Go away and study. Maybe in jail?

  33. marvin marvin

    marvin marvin7 dni temu

    Get a job whole bag

  34. Alberta Vila

    Alberta Vila7 dni temu

    Clearly Ivy league material.

  35. Laura Afrouzian

    Laura Afrouzian7 dni temu

    What kind of job could you get if mom and dad don't pay for it. . . ? Not a thing. . . there is no brain there...!

  36. William Gullett

    William Gullett7 dni temu

    I bet now Lori Loughlin wishes she didnt have a full house

  37. Joe Sermeno

    Joe Sermeno7 dni temu

    WOW! She takes stupidity & narcism to an incredible level. Shame so her parents.

  38. Hear ye Hear ye

    Hear ye Hear ye8 dni temu

    Oh my God! I wonder what concerns her mother might have at this moment?

  39. James Johanson

    James Johanson8 dni temu

    Spoiled Kid ...... didn’t even want to go to USC ...... $&$& her

  40. Angie Ando

    Angie Ando8 dni temu

    Ugh... pretentious and spoiled nothing...

  41. Jme Whatzername

    Jme Whatzername8 dni temu

    You just missed all the attention. Go away.

  42. Kpop Lover

    Kpop Lover8 dni temu

    What the hell happened? Who is she? Did something happen?

  43. dimoned123

    dimoned1238 dni temu

    She is the daughter of a famous actress and I believe a famous clothes designer that was in accepted into one of the top universities, but FBI didn’t investigation on the college and it turns out her parents paid The higher ups at the University to except her, I believe it wasn’t just her as well, other rich parents did the same thing for their kids at the same university.

  44. TheStupendousDonut 1900

    TheStupendousDonut 19008 dni temu

    I understand why she wants to upload videos again lol, y’all don’t understand

  45. Ps Frosty

    Ps Frosty8 dni temu


  46. Digital Mint Social

    Digital Mint Social8 dni temu

    It’s sad that people hate this girl. Lots of people make mistakes and the sad thing about social media is that the info sticks around forever. People grow and people change and all you haters suck. Get over it and let her have a life.... and get a life for yourself.

  47. Master Sergeant

    Master Sergeant8 dni temu

    Let’s admit that there is an elephant in the room, ok? You ALL KNEW exactly what you were doing and you got caught. YOU ALL KNEW. And now WE ALL know too. Accept what happens from this, get it over with and start new again on a different path. You will recover from this if you’re honest with yourself. The longer you wait, the longer it takes.

  48. Joe Gardner

    Joe Gardner8 dni temu

    It rhymes with hunt

  49. Buford ButtFish

    Buford ButtFish8 dni temu

    Learn a real skill or trade. Acting is what politicians do.

  50. Carolyn Picken

    Carolyn Picken8 dni temu

    Boo hoo

  51. john franciosa

    john franciosa8 dni temu

    Who cares!!?!!

  52. Flagger 75

    Flagger 758 dni temu

    Unfortunately, the twit will never ever read our comments! Oh really, I didn’t know she could read!!!

  53. Flagger 75

    Flagger 758 dni temu

    For the love of God, don’t come back on you tube!, haven’t you and your kind screwed things up enough?

  54. T T

    T T8 dni temu

    Well you can see why mommy tried to pay for this dummy to get a diploma she never could have done it like us regular folk!

  55. Mr. Goodbar

    Mr. Goodbar8 dni temu

    Olivia Jade, knit yer mama a prison sweater.

  56. fifty years

    fifty years8 dni temu

    It's a shame she's not black, she's too dense to attend college.

  57. True Grit

    True Grit9 dni temu

    She reminds me of the Hall & Oates song - "Rich Girl"

  58. Caroline Lemmond

    Caroline Lemmond9 dni temu

    You disgust me.

  59. sailboatMidnight

    sailboatMidnight9 dni temu

    She's just a piece of s***

  60. Alison Pascoe

    Alison Pascoe9 dni temu


  61. Thomas Miner

    Thomas Miner9 dni temu

    All she misses is the money she made off people! She's obviously shallow.