Dolan Twins Become Emma Chamberlain

We have this friend Emma and she has a life and we becomed her
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  1. Hannah Mulrooney

    Hannah Mulrooney7 godzin temu

    CEOs of the longest intros 😂

  2. melianna chalvatzi

    melianna chalvatzi10 godzin temu

    18:45 - 18:47 If you hear closely you can hear Ethan say: my angel

  3. Mattea Hoskins

    Mattea HoskinsDzień temu

    18:47 gray still screaming as loud as he can😂😂😂

  4. Shauna Hennessy

    Shauna HennessyDzień temu


  5. Allison Lopez

    Allison LopezDzień temu

    6:45 Milk! 😳😳😳😳😳

  6. oozair utube

    oozair utubeDzień temu

    Look at the discription😂😂

  7. Mariam Khitarishvili

    Mariam Khitarishvili3 dni temu

    So I am still here in January 2020 and I still ship ETHMA. Please someone help 🥺

  8. Daisy Luck

    Daisy Luck3 dni temu

    I miss them

  9. J A Y

    J A Y4 dni temu

    22:30 Ethan “she made me do uh hot ones challenge last- a hot wing-“ Also Ethan ”s-spit it out Ethan”

  10. Kxtîę Çhxvēż

    Kxtîę Çhxvēż4 dni temu

    Oml Ethan is always looking directly at Emma🥰 Grayson just stares at the camera.

  11. Kxtîę Çhxvēż

    Kxtîę Çhxvēż4 dni temu

    Grayson looks like Emma’s dad meanwhile Ethan is the cool uncle

  12. Youser Alrubaiey

    Youser Alrubaiey4 dni temu

    omg Emma is so cute, haha she's so tiny compared to the twins.

  13. Goda Bubelyte

    Goda Bubelyte4 dni temu

    y is emma so upsest with cofeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its disgustang

  14. Lama Alsafasfeh

    Lama Alsafasfeh4 dni temu

    Literally 7 months after and I still have hopes that Emma and Ethan will date

  15. Erin Dibley

    Erin Dibley4 dni temu

    I don’t know why but I found it sweet when they threw her in the air and caught her. And how she trusted them. (I don’t know I just found it sweet) 🤍

  16. OJ•THE•BALL 100

    OJ•THE•BALL 1005 dni temu

    Emma: lets do handstands Also Emma: does a headstand Me: I aLwAyS kNeW tHiS gOrL hAd PrObLeMs

  17. costco freezer

    costco freezer5 dni temu

    when emma looks more related to them than cameron

  18. karrie grundy

    karrie grundy5 dni temu

    ethan looked so cute in the outro, his nose 🥺 but lowkey they both looked good in the whole video

  19. karrie grundy

    karrie grundy5 dni temu

    “there’s sweat dripping off your nose, it’s disgusting” meanwhile his shirt is soaked in sweat

  20. karrie grundy

    karrie grundy5 dni temu

    i thought they swam in a fucking pool

  21. Jason Bailey Fint

    Jason Bailey Fint5 dni temu

    Hilarious! It is so funny that the Dolan Twins can’t keep up with Emma! She outdid Grayson and Ethan all day!! Emma really liked to bully Ethan, and Grayson just let her, even joined in. Not cool.

  22. Cute Noah

    Cute Noah6 dni temu

    It’s good bro basketball players wear leggings under their shorts all the time

  23. The Legit Cutieee

    The Legit Cutieee6 dni temu


  24. Awkward PowerPuff Girl

    Awkward PowerPuff Girl7 dni temu

    jan 2020 anyone?? tehe

  25. Alannis Vallarino

    Alannis Vallarino7 dni temu

    In cheerleading, Emma was probably behind Grayson and Ethan just to look at there butts.

  26. Jack Fitzgerald

    Jack Fitzgerald7 dni temu

    Ethan is so mean to Grayson, prolly Bc they’re twins and Emma was dating Ethan and he doesn’t want her to like Grayson more lol

  27. anam fahim

    anam fahim7 dni temu

    goddd i miss them so much 🥺🥺

  28. Grace Armstrong

    Grace Armstrong7 dni temu


  29. Anissa Isabelle

    Anissa Isabelle8 dni temu

    22:32 😂🤣



    tbh i rlly wanna know who films

  31. Emily

    Emily6 godzin temu

    ALESSANDRA TERRON-ZAVALETA someone called Kyle houck

  32. Amari Maldonado

    Amari Maldonado8 dni temu

    Sister squad needs to come back 😔

  33. Audrey Salinas

    Audrey Salinas8 dni temu

    Emma is so funny but she’s actually very ugly og

  34. Mimi G

    Mimi G8 dni temu

    Ethan: ahhhhhhh Greyson:ahhhhhhhh The Dolan twins together: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! quality content👌

  35. Lauren Bates

    Lauren Bates8 dni temu

    i want the sister squad back

  36. journey and sam

    journey and sam8 dni temu

    She prolly dreaming bout grayson

  37. journey and sam

    journey and sam8 dni temu

    I ship Emma and grayson

  38. journey and sam

    journey and sam8 dni temu

    Ooh Emma and grayson hmmmmmmm 😆😍😘😗😜😜😜😜😝😝😝😝😳😕😯😱💛💚💙💜💛💚💙❤💓💞💕💝😾💗💟💋💯🔥🔥🔥🔥


    TARA SCHUMANN8 dni temu

    Where’s James, this sucks ☹️

  40. Twiglet

    Twiglet5 dni temu

    He’s busy molesting straight men

  41. Potato

    Potato9 dni temu

    Backround music?

  42. Smoothie Bowl

    Smoothie Bowl9 dni temu

    Damn it was so cool watching Emma do cheer stuff lmfaoooo

  43. Wheres Pluto?

    Wheres Pluto?9 dni temu

    Ethan: i wore f*cking leggings for you Emma: *thinking- Sweetest thing ever. Lmao. Jk

  44. Z=MC2

    Z=MC210 dni temu

    18:38 you can just hear Grayson screaming in the background😂😂😂

  45. Vaania Vasudev

    Vaania Vasudev10 dni temu

    Nobody: Girls when they see their favourite ANYTHING: 18:24

  46. Keith Erni

    Keith Erni10 dni temu

    what was the bg music on 7:34

  47. Kerrie Hatz

    Kerrie Hatz11 dni temu

    Emma drinks to much Coffee.

  48. Katy Armstrong

    Katy Armstrong11 dni temu

    plot twist : james is filming

  49. Anna Mortensen

    Anna Mortensen11 dni temu

    11:00 she's so small compared to them

  50. Melanie Lopes

    Melanie Lopes11 dni temu

    Omg. In the intro. Emma looks squashed between the Dolan twins! Haha😂😂

  51. vaivao

    vaivao12 dni temu

    were is james

  52. Areebah Hussain

    Areebah Hussain12 dni temu

    Nobody gonna talk about how they ONLY ate avocado toast and 3 coffees?? 😂✌️✌️ Can’t relate and also tho. Emma: I have burp I make burp.... :)

  53. Arianne Alejos Beeck

    Arianne Alejos Beeck12 dni temu

    Who’s watching in 2020? 👇🏼

  54. Arianne Alejos Beeck

    Arianne Alejos Beeck7 dni temu

    Arturo Vazquez it’s fine, you don’t have to

  55. Arturo Vazquez

    Arturo Vazquez9 dni temu

    I am but not liking

  56. Yareli Castaneda

    Yareli Castaneda13 dni temu

    Um Emma hear are some news: if you drink more than 7 coffees then you can either end up in the hospital or die:/

  57. Sam Bob

    Sam Bob13 dni temu

    ANyOne iN 2020?

  58. Grace Downton (STUDENT)

    Grace Downton (STUDENT)13 dni temu

    I love this video lol

  59. Visam AL-Abbas

    Visam AL-Abbas13 dni temu

    Just binged today I'm not gonna do it again I can do it I can do it I promise myself.

  60. Emily Louise

    Emily Louise13 dni temu

    Its 2020 and I’m still waiting for Emma to try the Dolan twins day

  61. Ellie Dunne

    Ellie Dunne13 dni temu

    I ship Ethan and Emma emman💞☺️

  62. Ellie Dunne

    Ellie Dunne6 godzin temu

    Emily I know haha

  63. Emily

    Emily6 godzin temu

    Ellie Dunne huh? I was just saying because it was ethma not emman

  64. Ellie Dunne

    Ellie Dunne6 godzin temu

    Emily 👹

  65. Emily

    Emily6 godzin temu

    It’s ethma not emman

  66. Katelynn Miller

    Katelynn Miller13 dni temu

    If you saw her video that is called skating to impress a boy at 24:06 he said they skateboard soooooo just saying maybe it’s Ethan or grayson??? Just a thought.

  67. Emily

    Emily5 godzin temu

    Katelynn Miller he skates aswell

  68. Emily

    Emily5 godzin temu

    Katelynn Miller oh it’s this tiktok boy Emma has recently been hanging around with a LOT

  69. Katelynn Miller

    Katelynn Miller5 godzin temu

    Emily who’s that 😂

  70. Emily

    Emily6 godzin temu

    Katelynn Miller no she likes this boy named Aaron hull

  71. Shalom Skinnty

    Shalom Skinnty14 dni temu

    I love how they spent more than a minute fighting about the intro

  72. Ava Isabella

    Ava Isabella14 dni temu

    Anyone else miss them? 👇 I also have a small channel💕❤️🤍

  73. J A Y

    J A Y4 dni temu

    Me too😊 I’ll subscribe

  74. Ava Isabella

    Ava Isabella11 dni temu

    Rylee Young thank you so much! 💕💙

  75. Rylee Young

    Rylee Young11 dni temu

    I'll subscribe❤️💛💚💙💜