Christopher Nolan's TENET Trailer 2 Analysis / Science Secret REVEALED

Christopher Nolan's TENET Trailer 2 Analysis / Science Secret REVEALED

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  1. Man5i

    Man5iDzień temu

    Read somewhere that the concert hall scene was inspired by real events (Dubrovka hostage situation).

  2. Harinath Srinivas

    Harinath SrinivasDzień temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="688">11:28</a> If you were Nolan, this video would have been more interesting!

  3. Babysisdolls333

    Babysisdolls3333 dni temu

    hello Hugo!

  4. 0vermars

    0vermars4 dni temu

    "Nolan is an artist. And he's about to paint his masterpiece" *Christopher Walken voice

  5. Sean Android

    Sean Android4 dni temu

    this certainly looks better than the usual superhero garbage that's been forced upon us

  6. K Cifuentes

    K Cifuentes4 dni temu

    Bad guy can “communicate with the future” good guys use tech to combat him. I’m a genius.

  7. V30474

    V304744 dni temu

    This is not the movie to restart the movie industry after a hiatus this big. If Coronavirus happened LAST year and Avengers Endgame was waiting for people that couldve jumpstarted a flatlined industry.

  8. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith4 dni temu

    So few films have the depth to hold not just the heart but the mind of the observer, I believe 'going along for the ride' would be the wrong attitude to take with you. Prepare to be dezama.....


    ADNAN KHAN5 dni temu

    Nolan > Kubrick. Bye

  10. Tubby J

    Tubby J5 dni temu

    IMAX 70mm exists in my city, can't wait to see this masterpiece.

  11. Vivek Acharya

    Vivek Acharya5 dni temu

    Wow amazing analysis

  12. GBH

    GBH5 dni temu

    Here's my two cents on the theory: If you look at both trailers, when JDW is on the tracks, you'll see the trains are going in opposite directions, this is basically the premise of the film. As we're watching the moving, the characters will be able to reverse events that have occurred and then (this is the tricky part), repeat the event in the direction they want. If you look at Ken Branagh, he's catching bullets that have already been shot and firing them back at Robert Pattinson (same with JDW practice shot in the lab). It's the mask and the "gas" he's using that's allowing him to do that (I think). Also with the countdown in the car, he's basically taunting them that he's (speculation) going to throw the woman out the car and they won't be able to stop him. At this point, I don't think the heroes will have the proper tech at this point to fight him. They'll then shoot at the car, flip it and Ken uses inversion to reverse the event. With the plane, I think Wolf in the comments is right. Crashing this plane (Bane!) is what Ken will have to use the inversion for, which is probably a misdirection for a wider plan for the heroes. There also must be a human limitation to inversion, otherwise they'll be like gods and something like this would never work. When JDW fights the soldier, I think situations like this are a trap for the heroes as it pulls them into a situation they have to investigate, with all the evidence there (bullets), then inversion happens and they get attacked as the soldier uses bullets already fired as ammunition, i.e. "What happened here?" "It hasn't happened yet." JDW knows something is wrong while Pattinson doesn't. Knowing Nolan, I think one of the core stories is going to be trying to invert something which is impossible. My guess would be that Ken's wife and son have left him and he's trying to use inversion to correct a mistake so they could be together. But being able to do that would mean inverting the universe and all the events to fix it, which becomes Ken's obsession. This is going to be the "emotional heart" to the film. Or I could be wildly wrong, but can't wait to find out!

  13. GBH

    GBH4 dni temu

    @Dean Smith because this is probably at the start of the film and its a metaphor. The guy who gives him the pill and introduces him to Tenet on the ship are the same actor. Taking the pill was the test.

  14. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith4 dni temu

    so why doesn't the observer see three trains - original - reversed and 'repeated' ?

  15. Anvar Net

    Anvar Net5 dni temu

    Last dialogue if I was Nolan , dude u r not Nolan and can never be..😄

  16. pegeg 88

    pegeg 885 dni temu

    I think the rule of inversion is about manipulating the arrow of time. When the direction of time = with the direction of physic. example: if we jump from the top of the building, the physical & time direction will be down (no other scenario, because of gravity pull our body to the ground). When John David Washington catches the bullet by shooting, it doesn't mean that his character shot the same bullet in the past then time-reversed it, it's more like every time the arrow of time happens, it can be manipulated, such as reversing it.

  17. Andy Tay

    Andy Tay5 dni temu

    Entropy, the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics ACTUALLY states that: all things go from order to disorder (essentially describes decay). God's laws match this, 'to dust you will go'.

  18. VonJay

    VonJay6 dni temu

    The thing about Maxwell’s demon is that people forget about the demon. It’s called a demon in this case because it is the thing that gets hot (for those that understand entropy)

  19. Andy Tay

    Andy Tay5 dni temu

    @VonJay According to Einstein, Planck and even Maxwell, the 3 Laws of Thermodynamics are inviolable. His Demon is only suggestive of some lesser effect(s) going on within a larger system that DOES NOT violate those Laws.

  20. Andy Tay

    Andy Tay5 dni temu

    @VonJay that's not how I learned it in engineering. Hence that's why Maxwell's demon is not a Law.

  21. VonJay

    VonJay5 dni temu

    Andy Tay ummmm, the biggest criticism of Maxwell’s demon is that the second law of thermodynamics will include the demon in the system since it will take “more thermodynamic work” to account for which molecules travel through A and B. The demon’s entropy will increase and be larger than the lowering entropy of the gas. Energy can be measured by its disorder or the unavailability of energy to do work, hence the state of the demon.

  22. Andy Tay

    Andy Tay5 dni temu

    Entropy is not about getting hot, it is about how all things go from order to disorder. 3rd Law of Thermodynamics.

  23. Abrar Farhan

    Abrar Farhan6 dni temu

    i am studying about entropy in chemistry at my high school this year and this movie is about entropy . guess i have to start study for this movie to understand

  24. Ovidio Jasso

    Ovidio Jasso6 dni temu

    “Public who have been starved of new content”... Netflix has been releasing new shit like everyday. But I hope this movie is a big success, just by looking at the trailer it deserves it.

  25. Alexander Angelus

    Alexander Angelus5 dni temu

    Original that is also actually good.

  26. Nícolas Lanza Ferreira

    Nícolas Lanza Ferreira7 dni temu

    I think it will be inside a mind again... as Inception, but now not in a dream, but inside the mind of another person and how he needs to open de right doors, to go backfoward , following the Tenet of the person, to avoid the entropy of thoughts

  27. Miras .Artykbayev

    Miras .Artykbayev7 dni temu

    Talking about the trailer in the first half by analyzing the whiteboard and calling it "Trailer 2 Analysis". And then, focusing on Box office. sorry but you're getting a dislike

  28. Lionheart Mind Explosion

    Lionheart Mind Explosion7 dni temu

    13 N 31 is what you see when you look at the word TENET upside down and the N disappears first leaving 13 31, what do you think it means?

  29. 0vermars

    0vermars4 dni temu

    Investigate 3/11?

  30. Lionheart Mind Explosion

    Lionheart Mind Explosion5 dni temu

    @Alim Kinte i'm most likely looking to far into nothing i did research and just found references to angels and destiny, nothing of notable importance

  31. Alim Kinte

    Alim Kinte5 dni temu

    Only if you mark E's as 3's

  32. Muhammad Hendry

    Muhammad Hendry7 dni temu

    In "Arrival"movie, you can learn alien circle language. TENET = 101 ( in number).

  33. krankenshaft

    krankenshaft7 dni temu

    You bet your ass I’m hyped. It looks like it might be better than inception.

  34. Wolf !

    Wolf !7 dni temu

    I honestly think Robert's character will crash a plane, and then get the area surrounded by their enemies and then reverse the crash site. Enemies would have to battle a reversing plane crash.

  35. Rabid Fanboy

    Rabid Fanboy7 dni temu

    I don't think the actual name of this film is "Tenet." On all the promotional releases the second E and T are upside down and back to front, "mirroring" the first E and T. I think the actual name of this film is "Ten."

  36. Andy Tay

    Andy Tay5 dni temu

    Nope! The reversal only shows what the movie is about. My $100 is on 'Tenet' as title. Wanna bet?

  37. Rabid Fanboy

    Rabid Fanboy7 dni temu

    @Bazookating 15Ooooooh - never considered that. Now I'm thinking that is what it actually is.....

  38. Bazookating 15

    Bazookating 157 dni temu

    plot twist, the name is ten ten

  39. Matto

    Matto7 dni temu


  40. Ramon Valencia

    Ramon Valencia8 dni temu

    Obviously Christopher Nolan has already peeked into the future and seen that his strategy will succeed.

  41. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith4 dni temu

    The release date is in the past and thus this will be shown in black and white

  42. Anwar Mohammed

    Anwar Mohammed7 dni temu

    Nolan won't let us down...

  43. Vinso Kukan

    Vinso Kukan8 dni temu

    Time Aversion

  44. kishenkoolskills90

    kishenkoolskills908 dni temu

    I hope Nolan gets the James Bond Gig in a few years


    #KEVIN FEIGE6 dni temu

    That would be so cool! And I hope Genri Kavill plays James Bond.

  46. MG

    MG8 dni temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> Important of changing time MORE like corruption

  47. Parijat Saha

    Parijat Saha8 dni temu

    Nice 👍☺

  48. BIG BOSS

    BIG BOSS8 dni temu

    I would get Rona twice for this movie

  49. Adwoa Karen Mitchell

    Adwoa Karen Mitchell6 dni temu


  50. Alan Ramirez

    Alan Ramirez7 dni temu

    BIG BOSS you're a moron dude.

  51. Devin Leary

    Devin Leary8 dni temu

    moo land haha

  52. Sinek Us

    Sinek Us8 dni temu

    This film is going to be dope ! I can’t wait to put on my Christopher Nolan Thinking Cap.

  53. David Beck

    David Beck8 dni temu

    Nolan is my favorite Director

  54. Devin Leary

    Devin Leary8 dni temu

    he's incredible

  55. javaan smith

    javaan smith8 dni temu

    No you like Ryan coogler and black panther don't lie

  56. SaketG

    SaketG8 dni temu

    Tenet is about our world before the pandemic.

  57. kishenkoolskills90

    kishenkoolskills908 dni temu

    It's a Coincidence

  58. Jakob Wülk

    Jakob Wülk8 dni temu

    Damn is Chris Nolan a scientist or a director?

  59. beechstrength

    beechstrength7 dni temu

    Probably the secret son of hawking or something

  60. Wolf !

    Wolf !7 dni temu

    he's a former scientist turned Chris Nolan

  61. Mr. Rapter

    Mr. Rapter7 dni temu

    @kishenkoolskills90 And to cure his back pain.

  62. kishenkoolskills90

    kishenkoolskills908 dni temu

    He probably had a Physician Consultant on set to make the story and movie

  63. Darryl Lazakar

    Darryl Lazakar8 dni temu

    More like a former scientist turned filmmaker lmao

  64. soravit choochuen

    soravit choochuen8 dni temu

    Nolan is super genius

  65. DeAndre Minor

    DeAndre Minor8 dni temu

    They cant see into the future, they can only rewind the time in future events takes place. Being able to " Communicate" with the future. Doesn't mean You can "See the future".

  66. DeAndre Minor

    DeAndre Minor8 dni temu

    They cant see into the future, but rewind the event of the pre-ordained time to the event. Example: Prince of Persa, When you fail. You rewind time to the moment right before you failed. But cant change the over outcome of you beating the Game. You technically "Have to be the game" because the game was "Pre-Ordained" to "Have a ending". Does that make sense?

  67. Wilson Mercedes

    Wilson Mercedes7 dni temu

    Make sense to me, thanks

  68. octagonproplex

    octagonproplex9 dni temu

    Pretty sure theoretical science doesn't meet the criteria to be considered "hard science".

  69. 90chip

    90chip8 dni temu

    Theoretical or hypothetical science?

  70. KabbalahSherry

    KabbalahSherry9 dni temu

    But at this point, is Quantum Science just theory anymore? 🤔 Scientists seem pretty certain of it.

  71. Abidoune Mohamed

    Abidoune Mohamed9 dni temu

    tenet is just ten spelled backwards, maybe he can reverse time 10 seconds at a time

  72. Dominique Adkinson

    Dominique Adkinson7 dni temu

    so Tenet is Washingtons's character STAND lol

  73. Dayonetheone

    Dayonetheone8 dni temu

    Hmmm.... 🤔

  74. Angelus

    Angelus8 dni temu

    and it's Nolan's 11th movie.

  75. ghafara harashta

    ghafara harashta8 dni temu

    Quite interesting, maybe 10 hours inversion

  76. prudhviraju kangu

    prudhviraju kangu8 dni temu

    where did you get this point

  77. Mandeep Singh

    Mandeep Singh9 dni temu

    if this is true, can you imagine the scene with the boeing 747 crashing into the building. thats alot of entropy!

  78. Hanniffy Dinn

    Hanniffy Dinn9 dni temu

    It’s like video games where you reverse time to solve levels. So it’s a local reverse time (entropy ) power. Like when a glass cup smashes on the floor. You can reverse time just in the glass cup, so time/entropy reverses the glass pieces Merge back into a whole glass cup again ! This would be a great power to have if you are a spy. Hence Tagline “ quantum Cold War “. 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯

  79. Anwar Mohammed

    Anwar Mohammed7 dni temu

    Doctor strange

  80. Andi Pang

    Andi Pang7 dni temu

    Quantum Break is a video game about time manipulation.

  81. Mikel Nelson

    Mikel Nelson8 dni temu

    Agreed! I think of it as like a 3D flipbook isolated to the events happening immediately around you - starting it from the back, reversing it to a certain point, and then changing something right at the exact moment that needs to, such as the "door" he mentioned in the graph theory on the board - and having a different flipbook.

  82. Taffy

    Taffy9 dni temu

    loved it