Ava Max - Kings & Queens [Official Music Video]

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  1. Auto Desker

    Auto Desker22 minut temu

    How much u wanna bet this is gonna be an as5 lipsync song because she's a guest judge and the song is about queen's.

  2. dimis dimos

    dimis dimos46 minut temu

    copy of'You give love a bad name'

  3. Mysterious Master

    Mysterious Master52 minut temu

    Too strong song 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️

  4. Pusiar Kun

    Pusiar KunGodzinę temu


  5. pianossimoo

    pianossimooGodzinę temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> passage guitares j'adore!!!

  6. Noelle Neri

    Noelle NeriGodzinę temu

    Me I’m the middle of the song: jamming out loving the song. Adds: oooh so you like to jam out to this fantastic song hm? Also adds: plays two adds that you can’t skip. Me: whyyyyyyyyyyy!


    LTR KOREAGodzinę temu

    Essa capa me lembra um vídeo da Blackpink:)

  8. Sandra Sandra

    Sandra SandraGodzinę temu


  9. SaarbrooklynRider

    SaarbrooklynRiderGodzinę temu

    Bon Jovi / You Give Love a Bad Name Belinda Carlise / Heaven is a Place on Earth

  10. MilkHound

    MilkHoundGodzinę temu

    It's pretty obvious Ava isn't playing guitar. or chess.

  11. Nuke_Player

    Nuke_PlayerGodzinę temu

    Sounds like all the Other Songs she Made before

  12. dilvin Ahmed

    dilvin AhmedGodzinę temu




    you quieen!!💚💕👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💋💋💋💋💋




  15. Jason Martin

    Jason Martin2 godzin temu

    this song there's sumat about it just good

  16. Gregory Smith

    Gregory Smith2 godzin temu

    Royalty Fees while wearing Beats Headphones...

  17. Аз Тя

    Аз Тя2 godzin temu

    Love this song also my dad like it❤❤Greetings from Bulgaria

  18. Gregory Smith

    Gregory Smith2 godzin temu

    Royalty High while wearing Beats Headphones...

  19. Julian Luk

    Julian Luk2 godzin temu


  20. Katelan Harris

    Katelan Harris2 godzin temu

    why do i feel like Ava max is Leah ashe?

  21. Zsolt Novák

    Zsolt Novák2 godzin temu

    The clip looks like it's from 2000-2010. Gives me Kesha-Rihanna-Lady Gaga chills.

  22. brawl stars

    brawl stars3 godzin temu

    This is my 24th time im waching it 😂 i lpve the song!!!

  23. zack gaming-legendary content

    zack gaming-legendary content4 godzin temu

    Who else came from the ad?

  24. Léo oliveira

    Léo oliveira4 godzin temu


  25. Josef Klarin

    Josef Klarin4 godzin temu

    sounds like abba

  26. Anaya Butt

    Anaya Butt4 godzin temu

    I'd she beautiful

  27. jörg geertsma

    jörg geertsma4 godzin temu

    Sounds like a 90s Chartbreaker.... Ava s Best so far

  28. • Hēll_Xx •

    • Hēll_Xx •4 godzin temu

    *When this song came out world be came better*

  29. Snoochie Boochies

    Snoochie Boochies4 godzin temu

    Sounds like she took Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name and mixed with Aqua - Barbie Girl

  30. Lil Hamster House

    Lil Hamster House4 godzin temu

    Omg I love this song ❤️

  31. 四葉大好き

    四葉大好き4 godzin temu


  32. Ashley Gribbin

    Ashley Gribbin5 godzin temu

    I’m a guy and this song actually bangs

  33. Neon Pollen

    Neon Pollen5 godzin temu

    this song is actually kind of a banger wtf

  34. Pia Lov

    Pia Lov5 godzin temu

    I Love your Song 😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Itz_Rainbøw Playz

    Itz_Rainbøw Playz5 godzin temu

    Anyone else notice the beats? I think it might’ve been sponsored. Love this song

  36. MrMaj81

    MrMaj815 godzin temu

    she look like lady gaga

  37. Hurricane Sabrina

    Hurricane Sabrina6 godzin temu

    If Ava max and mamamoo do a collab I would flip! I can definitely see them singing together.

  38. Dream Realm Ent TV

    Dream Realm Ent TV6 godzin temu

    Love this track. Here after Vinkle & Beatly apps.

  39. KenTerminatedbyGoogle

    KenTerminatedbyGoogle6 godzin temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> KICK ASS GUITAR LINE! Thank you, Ava, for making an awesome song for 2020.

  40. tomal uk

    tomal uk6 godzin temu

    its time to say good bye to ava max.

  41. Leandré Kruger

    Leandré Kruger6 godzin temu

    You are the best

  42. Sekzi

    Sekzi6 godzin temu

    Ok if my enemy warlord king had her outfit , i would give up

  43. IamTheAvacado

    IamTheAvacado6 godzin temu

    sponsered by beats

  44. Fernando Torrio

    Fernando Torrio6 godzin temu

    Крутой трек)))Супер.

  45. ginger

    ginger7 godzin temu

    this song sounds powerful

  46. teccosman

    teccosman7 godzin temu

    An interesting presentation of a pro-monarchy argument.

  47. Skruff

    Skruff7 godzin temu

    The guitar part is outright cringe. But the rest is good.

  48. Marijana Knezevic

    Marijana Knezevic7 godzin temu

    this song deserves more views

  49. Ellie Earle

    Ellie Earle7 godzin temu

    I love this song tooooooo much

  50. 高人蠢太大好

    高人蠢太大好7 godzin temu

    i really like this song!!❤❤i hope it can 100m views!!!!!

  51. Алина Воднева

    Алина Воднева8 godzin temu

    I like this song👍🏻!

  52. 田室勝哉

    田室勝哉8 godzin temu

    レディガガ=レディオガガ、アバマックス=ABBAマックス? なんか名前の傾向がダジャレぽくて似てるんですが; 事務所の社長の趣味なんでしょうか;? ガガ様が30過ぎてマドンナみたく言うこと利かなく無っ たんで、代わりの娘トカ;?

  53. Noel Pink

    Noel Pink8 godzin temu

    ...Pretty sure this is Ness’ theme in super smash bros 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  54. Lilly Zangl

    Lilly Zangl8 godzin temu

    Is jemand deutsch😂😂😕?

  55. Leon Murray

    Leon Murray9 godzin temu

    My little sister loves this song

  56. Leon Murray

    Leon Murray9 godzin temu

    Hope you like this song

  57. Sasha Cheshir

    Sasha Cheshir9 godzin temu

    Я одна русская????

  58. Lisa

    Lisa9 godzin temu

    reminds me of "you give love a bad name"

  59. Евгений Соловьев

    Евгений Соловьев9 godzin temu

    Русские есть?)

  60. youtube videos

    youtube videos10 godzin temu

    Wait... she reminds me of Gaga so much

  61. 杨彭

    杨彭10 godzin temu

    Ava: you are not dancing alone. Me: looking at my dog.

  62. Diamond_back325

    Diamond_back32510 godzin temu

    Lady gaga vibes

  63. Youssra Jas

    Youssra Jas11 godzin temu

    Due to the lockdown, I tried to cut my hair at home, I got Ava Max haircut xD

  64. Celine Coruble

    Celine Coruble11 godzin temu

    Je t'adore ava max💖

  65. Nor Hani Zainuddin

    Nor Hani Zainuddin11 godzin temu

    She got Lady GAGA’s vibe! She’s crazy I LIKE her!!

  66. Gemma Watson

    Gemma Watson11 godzin temu

    This is kinda like girls just wanna have fun but modernised to girls can do what they want we don't need your permission lmao 🤣🥰🥳💕💕💕

  67. Aareena Sudhera

    Aareena Sudhera11 godzin temu

    i m love this song

  68. Nikol Dudu

    Nikol Dudu11 godzin temu

    Slovacu ktory pozeraju dajte like

  69. Jaydee Donnelly

    Jaydee Donnelly11 godzin temu

    This is soooooo catchy man! Haha

  70. Werewolf Extreme

    Werewolf Extreme12 godzin temu

    It's intense

  71. Renelle Lilley

    Renelle Lilley12 godzin temu

    This song popped up when I needed it the most.

  72. Mihai Laurentiu

    Mihai Laurentiu12 godzin temu

    She’s so hot

  73. Genevieve Exon

    Genevieve Exon12 godzin temu

    For dudes I feel like you feel awful but I’m a girl

  74. Jeremiah Paul Callao

    Jeremiah Paul Callao13 godzin temu

    Such a strong music 💙

  75. Jalon Glover

    Jalon Glover13 godzin temu

    Ava honey how the heck are ya!?

  76. marco moquete

    marco moquete14 godzin temu

    i think this song is for the independent women

  77. Ni Na

    Ni Na15 godzin temu

    Damn, she a queen lol

  78. Noel Snöfall

    Noel Snöfall15 godzin temu

    This gives me 2010 vibes for some reason

  79. Rafał pierdolony kogds

    Rafał pierdolony kogds15 godzin temu

    Tthgf 2023 słucham muzyki i dużo zdrowia

  80. Puschel Kiste

    Puschel Kiste15 godzin temu

    I love the one Guy in the BG XD he is amazingly sweet

  81. Johnny Escobar

    Johnny Escobar15 godzin temu

    Ava Max You Should Make A Merch?!

  82. Scarab324

    Scarab32416 godzin temu

    It looks so stupid like a 24h duckface, what she makes! Horrible!

  83. Scarab324

    Scarab32413 godzin temu

    @Ahmed Imran imran Its not hate Mohammed! Its my opinion.

  84. Ahmed Imran imran

    Ahmed Imran imran13 godzin temu

    Dont like it then get lost stop bitchin around and spreading hate